Ninja Looter Website

Is a simple website based on blacklisting ninja looters something the Classic community would be interested in seeing?

I’m thinking of grabbing a domain and building a database of ninja looters that people could check in on. Players could email requests to add offending players to the list and provide screenshots or videos of the infraction which would be linked next to the ninja’s name, server, faction, etc.


That would be nice, but it would need to come with proof. Not just going by someones word alone.


Absolutely. That’s why I said the screenshot or video would be linked next to their name on the list.


Not certain how many would utilize it when forming pugs.

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Depends, i’d personally like it on Server forums. where all major guilds sanction it, run by casual and hardcore players alike. requiring Screenshots AND video evidence then have a community court like rulings.

But that’s just me, I don’t know if blizzard would be alright with that.

I don’t think blizzard allows player names on their forums

I don’t think Blizzard would allow it. That’s why I’m thinking I run it off site. Just something super simple without any frills that people can check in on.

Maybe someone really good with addons could create one that links to the website and keeps it up to date in game. Just spitballing here right now.

I know it wasn’t as huge as an issues as it use to be, we’ll have to wait and see honestly. People now and day’s are a bit more… Soft then back on the old forums, and internet in general. There’s always trouble or a type of mistrust when it comes to third party websites.

Maybe we’ll see what happens, It’s sorta why i like proof beyond a reasonable doubt, because even if blizzard may not like it. It’s still proof they’re in the wrong. The only way a website would work is if you some how made a ton of big named guilds use it first for there pugs, as well as more casual players.

Edit: and made it For every server not just a general forum.

Vetting the complaints would be a full time job.


I assume this is a profit generating website… otherwise, you’re going to lose money hosting videos (unless you do youtube, which is another set of problems), managing the content, etc… the hardest part you’ll run in to is verification of evil doers…

A site like this would be nearly worthless since it isn’t connected to the blizzard DB… back in the day, it was no big deal to take some time putting your group together… these days, in the time of instant gratification, you’re going to be hard pressed to get anyone to check the names of everyone you want to group with against a 3rd party site.

Good luck though… it would turn into a full time job verifying the people who are reported are actually ninja looters.


It wouldn’t be for profit and the screenshot / video proof would just link to YouTube videos and image hosting sites.

I would be doing this just for the sake of honorable gaming and a place to consolidate ninja bad bads.

I don’t think it will work, but go for it if you think you have the time and money to manage a site like this.

It would be useful to me if you also had an addon where I can query from the game.

Even better if it alerts me that I have invited a confirmed Ninja Looter.

One problem I see with this though is there should be some intelligence on whether or not someone really is a Ninja Looter.

Let’s pretend your website (and addon) are super popular. Rogue loses roll on Cadaverous Armor to Hunter, goes to site to claim Ninja Loot! Some kind of voting or number or reports or something needs to give a player a score or something. That’s where it gets tricky. Good luck!

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Yeah, I’m pretty sure Blizzard would be real keen on that. /sarcasm.

Yep. The security issues would probably stop all that dead in its tracks.

Ideally, a database add on would be way better than an external website, but I have no experience with that.

I’d rather an addon with name + server + no. of times another player flagged that person as a ninja.

Then when you are in a group with that person, the addon alerts you.

Might be better (and cheaper?) as a Discord?

But still, Blizzard doesn’t like stuff that supports callouts and possible harassment. Especially something they cannot vet their selves. You’d have to do it completely outside the game.

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we used to just call out “ninjas” on our server forums back in the early years.

With this update, they seem to indicate at least a tacit approval of the old way of doing things, however, that doesn’t mean they’ll allow callouts on their forums: