<Nightwind> Alliance | PvP| Arcanite Reaper

Complete re-edit of the post number 4.


After much debate with the leadership we have decided to accept the first round of transfers from Fairbanks to Arcanite Reaper on September 5th. The reason for this is that by design we are a raid guild for working professionals on both coasts. We have a very limited window to raid and even the whiff of a queue can end our opportunity to raid.

Due to regular 5-6k queues at primetime every night on a server with an artifical cap increase and the looming threat of layering ending, we will simply not be able to function without changing servers.

I know many of you are disappointed we are leaving Fairbanks, but we had also just as many if not more that were disappointed they couldn’t join us on Fairbanks due to these queues. Even if the queues are gone in 6 months it would be too late.

For those of you coming with us the discord and the website remain the same. I will re-update this post with the names of the officers although I expect it to remain roughly the same.

Please refer to the Classic WoW General Discussion forum for all the stickies that explain the realm transfer process.

BNet: Kixx#1186
Discord: kixx#5423


Wait what. Why am I lazy?

Cause you make your kid farm for you. I know things.

Might be a bit weird this time though since he’s in college.

He’s actually looking forward to playing Vanilla. He’s gonna farm either way.

We’re up to 15 or so people, keep it coming peops.

Looking forward to talking with everyone and seeing Kixx dance on a mailbox.

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Totally in.

Looking forward to summon noobs in lava and other shenanigans.

So after being a horde guild for an entire day a month before release, we are now going to be an alliance guild on a pvp server. Enough people wanted pallies and fear ward.

Well I ain’t installing BuffAhoy

You’re in luck, they are breaking that and decursive so it doesn’t work.

Awww man seeing all these names!! Let me know what server!! Unforgiven#1392


I might have some people to come with me. =)

Hell yea Neeb, sent you a bnet req. Anyone you want to bring is welcome.

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hmmm this is very interesting

I have no idea where I’ll be playing yet (and how much), but it’s cool to see this guild in the works.

You know you’re playing with us Om.

Can I design the tabard

I just want gold trim at least

We’re actually trying to find out what the Nightwind tabard was for true authenticity. Panzers has an old Rag vid he might be able to see it in.

Failing that or someone like Neeb knowing I really don’t care too much and can give you pink with gold trim and a bunny emblem. But yea this is like when Tankman told me I can design emotes in the discord a few minutes ago, idc. Anyone with super strong feelings about tabards can design it.

Ummmm I can look though my old screen shots, I did not wear a tabbard a lot, but on some boss kills I think I did. I can ask a few others as well.