Nightborne Customization Thread

What was I on when I suggested that the Nightborne’s feet had a luminous option? The Nightborne NPCs don’t even have glowing feet! I mean, I guess I’m not against it but it definitely wouldn’t be a crime if it’s never implemented.

What I would absolutely love are the ankle adornments some of the NPCs have: Patrol Captain Gerdo, Nightborne Scion. I would fully be willing to sacrifice my shoe slot if they implemented these.


I was sure they did…

I think I remember seeing them or something that gave off that effect?

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I think we were both under the same delusions. Not even Elisande had glowing feet. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Out of curiosity, do you think the hair texture issues I cited in my OP are legitimate issues? I don’t think anyone save for the Night Elves have hair textures that bad.


Pretty much.

Hair not connecting to the scalp/clipping in weird ways/visible seams are a legitimate bug that should be fixed. Textures in a lot of haircuts need work.

Not sure about the bun, matter of taste I guess.

I think it was all the glow affects/outline mode legion added.


I hope we can see druids added as a class for them sometime in the future :slight_smile: that would legit be my main forever. The mana sabers would make sick cat forms (you can already be one with the disguise when in suramar as a Druid as well as an arcane owl for your flight form) their travel form could be a really cool stag with their antlers/hooves glowing at the tips (similar to their mana hands) and they could have the same glowing swirls as the mana saber on the stag body. The tips of their feathers could have arcane glowing effects & the charms around their neck could be arcane runes. They could use the night elf moonkin model as a base and having glowing effects mixed in akin to botanist tel’arn or overseer Durant
They could definitely make it work into the lore, throughout the majority of the suramar quest chain a night elf named Valewalker Farodin helps us grow and sustain the arcandor tree and frees all of the nightborne from their addiction to the night well. Considering this, and since nightborne were night elves from the root, he could guide them back on a more druidic path that some of them used to follow


I agree and I think it’s a very good race for druid in the future especially because of the Arcan’dor and Farodin.


There’s also the Val’sharah refugees that set up a Moonwell near the Moonguard Strongold in Suramar. The Nightmare corruption spreading into the forests of Suramar could be a cause for concern for the Nightborne and lead to communications between the two.


I could set that. I remember doing those quests.

I also like that the Moonguard seemed to still be on the side of the Nightborne.

They’ve a lot of night elf to draw story points from.

Druid would be an amazing class for them.


Updated the OP to include more of the recycling of assets the developers did. If you’re going to recycle an asset like this, would it have killed them to spruce it up a little?

Repurposed Hair Decoration
The hair decoration implemented in 9.1.5 is just an asset from a hairstyle the Nightborne launched with that was removed and repurposed to be usable on all hairstyles.

Launch version of the “Vim” hairstyle, featuring its unique hair decoration.

The repurposed hair decoration from the “Vim” hairstyle featured on the “Sideswept” hairstyle added in 9.1.5.

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The male player model for Nightborne is a straight up fail. I am severely disappointed in Blizzard trying to polish a turd once again. :poop:


Doing the right thing in this scenario would require Blizzard to own up to their failing and labor the effort of fixing it, and we all know that’s not likely to happen.

When there are players of the game versed in game/coding/3D design well enough that they can produce better results than professionals being paid for this work, Blizzard needs to re-examine what they’re doing.

Months before the “luminous hands” addition in 9.1.5, this person was able to perfectly reproduce the option making it nearly identical to the NPC version. But the wonderful team at Blizzard can’t. Hmm. :thinking:


My word. I never noticed how truly sloppy the customization Nightborne received is. I never could see validity in the idea that Nightborne were so spoiled compared to the others. They weren’t. Some of those textures look like custom content made by amateurs for sims 2 with low resolution and UV mapping problems.

Me neither! Let the men be hot.

Me too! More eye colors for Nightborne.


This, I’m still surprised we didn’t at least get one eye color like purple or pink or even both.


Omg yes! Why are eye colors not being handed out like candy? Even just different shades.


There’s been a lot of missed, low hanging opportunities this expansion.


The majority of what was added in 9.1.5 for the Nightborne comes off as uninspired, lazy, and careless; a shallow attempt to pad the Nightborne’s customization numbers.

I would have had more respect for the developers if instead of rushing sub-par work out, they bothered to align themselves with player feedback and approach their design with the care and attention the Nightborne needed in a later patch.

This hair decoration was clearly not designed with an off-center hair part in mind. Anyone with a pair of working eyes could see that.


That looks so bad.


Updated the OP with more examples of improper placement of the hair decoration. :expressionless:

:no_entry_sign: Improper placement

Here, the developers attempted to make sense of the hair decoration by purposely placing the hair decoration directly where the hair is parted, to little success. The hair decoration was not designed for the hairstyle it is being applied to, especially not in this configuration.

:no_entry_sign: Improper placement

Another off center hair part with a hair decoration placed smack dab in the center.

:white_check_mark: Proper Placement

Here is an example of a hairstyle that IS compatible with the hair decoration.


The placement of the headband makes me think that whoever designed these doesn’t understand headbands.


Handsome faces pleaseeeeee