[Night Elf Thread] Don't tell me to wait and see ever again

I dunno but thats where it’d probably happen if its gonna happen

Didn’t you say that Sylvanas would finally be brought to justice? Seems like you’re wrong with absolutely everything you say


They thought Sylvanas was dying this patch

I remember this thread where they were trying to tell you you were wrong about that, I thought that was the most absurd leap. Then they kept saying it was confirmed or something.


patch isnt over, theres the convenant campaign one chapter was never tested and its encrypted, you guys really have short attention spans, I dont think shes gonna die, but you know 9.1 story doesnt end till thats done with

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What’s that word you like to throw at Sylvanas fans? I think it starts with a C?


What do you think is going to possibly be in that that would change anything?

Jaina/Bolvar/Thrall: how could you!
Sylvanas: we need to stop the jailer from executing the plan I was helping him with the entire time
Jaina/Bolvar/Thrall: Fine but we are mad at you >:(
proceed to stop the jailer and forgive sylvanas

Also Tyrande gets cured of her anger so she is out of the picture and the night warrior story is concluded after the ardenweald questing.


I have little love for what Blizzard did at the end of 9.1 BUT you literally have no choice but to “wait and see” or quit. Sure you can complain to your hearts desire but I doubt that will change anything, Blizzard will do what they want regardless of how much it will piss off people.

On a more positive note, the night elves story is not over and we will at least get one more cinematic for Tyrande this patch. I still believe they wont keep either the night elves or forsaken homeless forever and our constant need for a new expansion city/cities will likely to both factions getting new ones. If Blizzard is smart, they would do so next expansion but assuming the worse they let this fester for a few more expansions.

But they’re not smart. That’s what seems to continue to pass you by, more quickly than you’re trying to bypass this entire criticism.

Your pollyannaistic predictions in the meantime have been wrong, repeatedly. They do not make apparently bad content better, and at some point you should learn that lesson. Now is just a spectacularly obvious point for that to happen.


Well that’s the one where she loses her powers and forgives Sylvanas. Couldn’t care less about that one.

They also said that 9.1 is our resolution


You shouldn’t be able to look at WoW’s story with the most pessimistic mindset possible and be proven correct nine times out of ten.

I am reaching MoP-WoD levels of bafflement with the writing team’s ability to churn out simultaneously the most idiotic and predictable plot points.

This is a game written by brainlets for brainlets.


It’s always the same from you, Kat

"Cinematic isn’t over "
“Patch isn’t over”
“Expansion isn’t over”
“WoW isn’t over”

You don’t need to wait and see the writings on the wall.

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"Trust in the NW. She will see justice done, even if the Alliance does not. "
“I will not sit idle while Sylvanas roams free and the crimes against my people go unpunished.”
“My hunt will not cease until the banshee has answered for her crimes!”
“Sylvanas will never win! This I vow!”

Next patch- “Sylvanas will help us save the Shadowlands!”

Blizzard and its lies are tiring.


just telling it how it is, i dont jump to conclusions like you do, cause I am sane, am I pissed that blizzard kicked the can down the road to the end of the covanant campaign, yeah I am but at least I am not the one screeching since the start of bfa about a story not ending when I wanted it.

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You have no foresight and mock others who do so that’s your problem.


We know how it ends. She doesnt lose her power(from the looks it she learns to better control it so it wont kill her). And she doesn’t forgive Sylvanas, she decides to moves on. Now that we know Sylvanas doesn’t die, I am curious what happens to her now. Thrall could just give her straight to Tyrande and be done with it.

Eh, checking their posts on twitter they seem quite aware the raid cinematic was going to be controversial. So I’ll give them that. They also seem to think whatever just happened is needed in their new lore for WoW. Like it or not, once Sylvanas is dealt with, Warcraft will literally have exausted every bit of lore from Warcraft 3 and at this point everything is a big unknown.

Consider me stubborn. Again, I am curious why Blizzard devs keep spending so much lore capital on a storyline that has been controversial. My only guess is they think it will be important enough for Warcraft’s future, whatever that may be.

And like it or not we are still missing a few things from this expansion(namely the epilogue for 9.1 with Anduin’s compass) and a quick date check tell me we are 1 week away from Grimoire being released. Who know what sort of lore bomb they plan on doing with that thing.

Which honestly is why I in no way believe Blizzard has any dislike for Night Elves or really thought little of them. They are just that disconnected from reasonable plot progression and have weird ideas of what people will enjoy. If they thought Reckoning actually did all the necessary addressing, with some minor follow up with the council formation, the identity issues the Horde had with its moral standing and characterization, they probably thought Night Elves would be satisfied with the Darkshore Warfront.

Let alone actually understanding how to address things when people weren’t actually satisfied with that.


lol foresight, you didnt know anything whining isnt forsight

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Whatever, Kat, I hope someone will still be around to prove you wrong when we do know “everything”


wont u be considering u enever unsub