[Night Elf Thread] Don't tell me to wait and see ever again

Mor is online

Im already unsubbed you annoying troll

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doesnt change what you where wrong about, like everything to do with nelves

Clearly you arent still posting here and all

hi fruiend

Clearly you don’t know how sub times work.

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ya ya but subing n unsubing den gonig n teling ery1 u arnt subed dosnt matter

what matter is u stay unsubed

I am sure you’ll be here in augs to whine about whatever happens to sylvanas

Katiera already said that Sylvanas would die in BfA, then in 9.1…

Everything she says is just wrong lol. If Katiera says something you can just assume the opposite will happen


We know they thought that from the 8.1 interview.

“I think she had her moment where we told some of her story and she got her revenge for the Night Elves. I don’t think we’re exploring her story too much more in Nazjatar though.” Shani said.

If people didn’t complain about how bad it was the 8.1 questing for the night warrior stuff would have been even worse as well. But you can tell the entire night warrior stuff is shoehorned in there and never impacts the actual story.


Which post?

I don’t have to answer to you why I chose to sub back for a few more days to level up my classic character.
What matters is that I’ll never have a permanent or even long lasting sub again.

lol screw blizzard now I’ll only give them my money every other month. its kind of sad tbh

That’s not what I said but knowing how your brain works I can see why you conflated the two

Do as myself and create a Miqo’te Keeper of the Moon with Menphina as your deity! It’s been super fun so far! Also if you rol a Paladin you’re basically playing as a Night Warrior with most of the animations being white/blue, magical white weapons that look like the ones Tyrande would conjure with Elune’s magic. Hope you like it!

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so ur spineless n wont bak ur wrods with aciton

got it

imagine wanting aki with the political views she has in your game

It didn’t help that they pivoted hard from war stuff as soon as the ships dropped into the sudden ocean hole.

Night Warrior also just screams to me as something they thought was cool but didn’t actually have much plans for, and were too attached to others ideas. I also find Tyrande not being present in the Horde side of the warfront being pretty indicative of the narrative pitfalls they introduced with it (the “why aren’t they just streamrolling the Horde” problem).


I mean I agree with pretty much everything so I’m fine with here in my new favorite game!

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