Nice hunter fixes

It’s because blizzard does troll hunters. Instead of meaningful buffs like adding an aura for our class alike it’s more stable slots. I mean come on why give us more stable slots when all pets do the exact same damn thing. HA HA. It’s such a joke!! Give our class or pets uniqueness go back to the classic days or give pets variety attributes not “equality.” Allow ferocity pets to do more damage allow tank pets to be more tank like across all families not just exotic.

I hear you. I got 213 pants as my best vault item 3 weeks in a row. 3 weeks!!! So annoying.

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What do you mean? Just last week they gave us the ability to feed our pets Shadowlands meat!!! Just what everyone was hoping for!!


I see there was more quality hunter hotfixes… wait no there wasn’t

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Let’s be optimistic, the class tuning introduced the 12 January are for 5 class, next tuning will be for the other, including the hunter and probably the Demon hunter

I mean when Frosty mage get a extra buff being already on the top DPS, hunter will have his share

Except they weren’t.

Hotfixes – Updated January 20 - Community / General Discussion - World of Warcraft Forums (

JANUARY 19, 2021


  • Fixed an issue where Meatball would become unavailable if he is on a mission while changing covenants.


  • Paladin
    • Protection
      • Fixed an issue where Reign of Endless Kings (Legendary Effect) would not trigger Guardian of Ancient Kings that’s under the effect of Glyph of the Queen.
      • Fixed an issue where Reign of Endless Kings (Legendary Effect) would not trigger on the correct target while talented into Guardian of the Ancient Queen (PvP Talent).
      • The Ardent Protector’s Sanctum (Legendary Effect) will no longer cause other Protection Paladin’s Ardent Defender to be placed on cooldown.
  • Priest
    • Discipline
      • Clarity of Mind (Legendary Effect) will now properly extend the caster’s Atonements with Spirit Shell (Talent) when other Discipline Priests also have Atonement active.
  • Warlock
    • Destruction
      • Odr, Shawl of the Ymirjar’s (Legendary Effect) damage debuff can no longer be reflected.
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just be optimistic I’m sure they’re listening
As every single class but hunter is fixed.

You can send the wrong pet in to die, rez cancel, and call the other pet.

Those are hot fix, not class tuning

They have to fix the BM, they can’t just ignore it… they better…

Adreaver are you saying theirs a trick to dismissing pets in arena…I’m not sure I understand what ur saying. To my knowledge you can’t call a new pet out when you have one pet dead. Is their a glitch I’m unaware of. I’ve never had that as a thing in arena

I just tested and this is accurate. I vaguely remember at one point (possibly during a beta or PTR, where it could have been bugged) you could start casting Revive Pet (which despawns the pet corpse), cancel the cast, then use Call Pet 2, and your second pet would come out.

With that in mind, Dismiss Pet should absolutely be returned for Arena use. The only reason it was removed was to stop 5x Spirit Beast shenanigans where you would use Spirit Mend, dismiss, get the next Spirit Beast, use Spirit Mend again, and repeat until you went through all 5. Since pet abilities now share cooldowns across pets, there is no reason for that restriction to exist.

Hey a hunter hot fix!
They just fix it so if you boosted a hunter you arent giga trolled and left with out a pet like the pets helped anyways when their AI is absolutely dumpster
Good to see blizzard still trolling hunters

Exactly right. I hate spells like soul forged uses, much less having to use 3 of them in a rotation because I am Night Fae. Soul forged was the worst idea Blizzard has ever had next to melee hunters. Absolute trash. I still have not made a legendary.

Speaking of “little to no loot”, I’ve now killed the World Boss 14 times across my level 60s since my first max level character in SL and I have not had a SINGLE DROP.

Tell me again why they decided to remove the gold sink that the reroll coins were?

Holy crap i am struggling defeating last boss TC layer 3 and you soloed layer 8 as BM!?!?

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Something fishy here. The profile doesn’t exist. But I suppose it could be true if you get the perfect anima powers?

I tried TC layer 1 with a ilev of 189 and got horribly mangled by floor 14.

You should have a Clefthoof, if you don’t you’re not doing it right.

I just did layer 8 a few nights ago, been meaning to post my thoughts in this thread actually.

My first complaint which isn’t hunter specific is that TC really doesn’t respect the player’s time. When clearing a layer takes 2.5 - 4 hours depending on powers and which areas you get / dungeon lay out, it’s egregious there is no way to put a run on pause. The biggest difficulty for me was finding the time to actually put the effort in.

More specifically to hunters however, I got through this as BM. Most of the layers / floors were not much of a problem for me. I did notice that killing things would take quite a long time even if I was relatively safe if I didn’t get the right powers by floor 13. This includes many of our epic powers like sigil of skoldus or the buff to intimidation.

The eyes of the beast power also, while incredibly awkward to use, is much better than I initially thought it would be. If you use eyes of the beast and kill command maybe half a second later, kill command benefits from the 500% damage buff.

Many or the uncommon and rare powers are really lack luster for BM and either do little to nothing to help us out. Most of the mawrat powers and the barbed shot power come to mind as powers I wasn’t excited for. The exception would be mawrat spices as that is a very cost effective power for increasing max health which works wonderfully with with the blood gorged leech power (think that’s the name, it’s the one that gives a high chance to heal you and your pet on damage). That power also becomes quite frankly mandatory in the higher layers / floors as it can also auto rez your pet if it procs (though with little health).

All of this is important to keep in mind, as even with proper talents (aspect of the beast and killer instinct are pretty much required. Animal companion will make your pet benefit less from its leech since it’ll do less individual damage thus it’ll die faster) the floor 18 bosses will almost certainly be killing your pet. Depending on which boss you run into, your run will either be very easy at that point (the tree boss is incredibly easy for example to deal with while Goxul the Devourer is going to be a rough go if you don’t have every damage power you need at that point) or be stopped in its tracks.

My recommendation is to always start a run on Fracture Chambers. Reset until you get it. At the first broker, purchase a ravenous anima cell and use it on any of the necromancer. You’ll get 10x the phantasma from all of the skeletons you kill for the rest of your run, which works with a couple of the other torghast wings (upper reaches in particular).

This will help you buy as many powers as possible for the rest of your run which can make a huge difference. I also wouldn’t sleep on the common powers. +3% versatility for example is more useful than scare beast killing a maw rat.

Anyway, I hope this helps a bit. TC was more tedious than difficult I found. I’d have enjoyed it a lot more if it respected my time more. Good luck in there.

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You can pause at the start of a floor or on every 3rd floor, but I get what you mean. Life isn’t always so friendly as to time needed breaks at the start of a floor or on broker floors. It sucks especially if you have one of the affixes that summons adds when not in combat or if you have one of the ones that does ticking damage at a high rate of damage.

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