Next Allied Races? 8.2? 8.3?

(Sinelus) #21

The mechagnomes would side with gnomes because they are their “siblings” same way high mountain taurens sided with taurens despite alliance helping them.

(Felsavior) #22

When’s the next big gaming con, pax? Maybe we will hear something around then. Hopefully they don’t keep us waiting till blizzcon 2019…


Classic only had orc, undead, tauren and troll for Horde. Human, gnome, dwarf and night elves for Alliance.

Blood elves & draenei came out in Burning Crusade. Worgen and goblins came out in Cataclysm.

(unless I’m understanding this wrong, which is possible)

(Fallynn) #24

I really hope not (in terms of waiting). I am making an assumption that it might (?) be during the next stream? You know how they did that stream before 8.1 and 8.1.5? Perhaps we will see that for .2 and .2.5 as well. At least, I’m crossing my fingers for it.

When is PAX, anyway?

(Felsavior) #25

Your taking what I said too literally. I meant the normal non allied races

(Felsavior) #26

March 28-31 according to google

(Fallynn) #27

Oh wow that’s very soon! I had no idea…


I said it was possible I’m not understanding this right. I have no reading comprehension today I should stop even trying to be on the forums :smiley:

(Felsavior) #29

Np lol. It’s Saturday, your brain isn’t supposed to be working.


If horde get San’Layn, GIblin, or Ogres I"ll dip as they’re the stupides ideas for races aside from Naga.

We have enough elves in the game, another Goblin? No. Ogres…Just hideous.

Vulpera. That’s all Horde needs.


The Mechagnomes are aided by both the Horde and Alliance.

What about the Nightborne? They didn’t go Alliance.


I appreciate the kind words, thank you. I’m a fan of both factions as I play both pretty equally. So I enjoy a lot of races.

Yeah that’s what I was thinking too. I wonder if we will get regular new races with their own starting zone and brand new models made from the ground up. The allied race system is probably easier for them because they don’t have to dedicate time to making a new start zone like the blood elves, draenei, worgen, goblin, and pandaren.

But whatever their decision, I’ll be playing the new races :grin:

I hope they announce something too. I want to see what they have planned. Even if they deny a race like you said, that still helps narrow down the selection process… but they could pull a brand new race out of no where like the void elves, so I guess we can never know 100% what they have planned.

But still speculation is fun :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I just assumed pandaren don’t count because I’m not sure if they want to deal with another neutral race.

(Balesong) #33

Sanlayn or some sort of catchall of undead elves. I’ve always wanted to play as a dark ranger since I first saw one. If not as an allied race then as a class would be fine. Still curious as to the new Dark Ranger recruit Velonara is training. I read something about it being someone both sides recognize.

Also weretiger trolls please!

(Suniza) #34

Coming from someone who has been to PAX east many times living in the boston area. Nothing of true value ever really happens there. Meet some youtubers, streamers, get some goodies, try some games. The last big thing ever there if I recall was Gears 4 doing some news or previews way back.(I love that game)

Gamescom in germany would be a likely place for some actual worthy reveals, like how blizz revealed legion there years ago. PAX east is just very lowkey sadly.


8 races in a single xpac… that’s pretty intense.

I would have to go with people saying mechagnomes as we’ve even seen them- there’s really not much suggesting vulpera are a possibility, but san’layn would make sense as they were courting joining the Horde as part of a questline.

Gilgoblins come up a lot, it might make more sense later when we go underwater, I’m not sure if they look all that different from regular goblins though but I guess moose tauren don’t really either.

If we were to go by original races though.

Goblin-gilgoblin or vulpera.

Forsaken-LF forsaken (which is lore, thank you Golden), Alliance race.
Worgen-? it’d have to be a Horde race, but I’m not even aware of anything possible that uses the worgen model. I suppose it could be a new model like with KT/zandalari, but I doubt they’d have Alliance get LF forsaken using the same model… though, LF forsaken might have a different model, perhaps one that stands up straight and has no broken skin (closer to Nathanos?)

(Gulrum) #36

8.2 will be the Gilgoblins and the Deep Sea Jinyu that they showed us at Blizzcon. I’m not convinced the Mechagnomes will be playable, as they are set up as a “bad guy” faction.
8.3 will be the Ashvane pirate skinny humans for Horde and the redeemed Forsaken or w/e for Alliance that the story just now set up to happen.

(Mightylink) #37

Honestly I don’t think there will be any more allied races. After everything that’s been going on, and Blizzard is probably burnt out making them. We might get 2 more if they where already being worked on before but I don’t expect any new ones from here on out.

(Istealthl) #38

What about a gnelf?

(Fallynn) #39

Hmm, alright. When is Gamescon? Yeah it’s been a while since I’ve seen stuff from PAX for sure.

(Trosek) #40

The story and lore highly seem to be pointing in the direction of lightforged undead. But maybe blizz will just brush it under the rug.