Next Allied Races? 8.2? 8.3?

(Difford) #1

I was thinking of Mechagon coming in 8.2 (I think?) and wondered if something like an allied race of Gnomes like Mecha Gnomes might be added for the Alliance. If true, what would Horde get? I would say Vulpera (are they scavengers? I haven’t done BfA on Horde to fully understand what they’re about) or Mecha Goblins? What would you guys like?

It got me thinking as at the end of Legion when Argus was released, we had 2 allied races added at the end of the expansion cycle. Do you think we’ll get more with new hubs/zones being added towards the end of BfA? I’m assuming they’ll follow the same formula.

I do love alts so any new races are always welcome haha!

(Alamara) #2

There’s probably going to be four more allied races, introduced in pairs in 8.2.5 and then later in 8.3.5.

One of them is almost sure going to be vulpera for the Horde, in 8.2.5… I’d say it’s a 99.99% chance.
The Alliance pair for vulpera is most likely going to be junker gnomes. This is far less certain. I’d say it’s a 60% chance.

After that, it’s anyone’s guess.

My guesses are ogres (or mok’nathal) using kul tiran models as bases for the Horde, and something out of the left field and very underwhelming for the Alliance.

(Fallynn) #3

I’d love Vulpera & San’layn on the Horde myself, personally. Both are something I’d roll in a heartbeat ^^

I don’t play Alliance much, so I don’t know. Ethereals would be a cool race though for those folk, or Arakkoa, or Sethrak. I know people want the Jinyu too.

I’m not talking about likelihoods though, because I have no guess at this point. I’m confident in Vulpera, but that’s it.


I’d be okay if they never added another allied race, period.


My predictions:

Sethrak - Neutral
Ahn’koan - Alliance
Vulpera - Horde
Mechagnomes - Neutral

(Akston) #6

As long as there are zero neutral and zero elf allied races…I will be content.

(Felsavior) #7

Idk why everyone thinks this. Those mongrels aren’t going to be an allied race. There are all 5 of them left after the alliance murdered them all (not that I’m mad about it). They don’t even have anything to offer the horde and that’s the big thing with allied races: they provide a war asset.


I’d like ogres, forest trolls, and/or san’layn for horde.

Broken Draenei, jinyu, and/or wildhammer dwarves for alliance

Idk how many allied races they have planned for the next patches. I wonder if allied races will continue on after BFA. Perhaps it will only be a BFA feature? I guess it depends how successful blizzard views the allied race system as a whole. I like them, but my opinion doesn’t matter.

(Felsavior) #9

At least one allied race per classic race is what they planned.


Oh I didn’t know that. So that would mean there are four left? Worgen, undead, goblin, and gnome. I assume pandaren don’t count?

(Difford) #11

I think your opinion does matter and I enjoyed reading your thoughts. You had good picks too.

Having them just for BfA would be disappointing but I would be ok with it, presuming a new expansion would come with an actual new race and/or class with it.

Thanks again.

(Fallynn) #12

Where was that confirmed? Or is that just the pattern people are noticing?

(Alamara) #13

It’s just a common guess.

(Felsavior) #14

Probably yeah, though I’m not sure they will all be in BFA.

One per major patch sounds right. I’m curious if we will hear an announcement soon. Even if it just confirms or denies more happening in bfa.

(Alamara) #15

Because Blizzard didn’t remake their clearly NPC-only models to almost fully fledged player models during alpha just for the lulz.

(Fallynn) #16

Yeah that’s what I thought, I just thought it was suddenly confirmed for sure upon seeing that, but it’s still a guess :stuck_out_tongue: Good to know.


I want to see in depth Dryad races.

(Felsavior) #18

I’ll be honest I don’t remember the source. I want to say it was at blizzcon. They said something along the lines of “each race of the horde and alliance will bring in an allied race.” But I don’t have a link or quote.

(Difford) #19

Oooh! I like the sound of that! Hopefully it will come to fruition. However, Lightforge Draenei are a skin of a BC race. hey, I’ll take an extra race lol.

(Fallynn) #20

Huh. Well, that’d be cool anyway; I hope we see more than that too, of course, but that has yet to be seen.