[News] WoW Classic: Class Quests and New Reputation Rewards

can we get a confirmation that the items that are in the post are the only items being released? Or are all of the items that are featured in the wowhead link being released as well.

Main concerns would be the Thorium Brotherhood Items such as Corehound Belt or Nightfall.

Thank you all. I’d rather get it corrected quickly before we’re live than find out I had wrong information.



the wowhead link is showing the healing enchant to bracers formula from ad well as a ton of items like corehound belt and nightfall from tbh. are these actually going to be available at 3pm pst?

What’s up with these wierd posts with blue text?

I’ve only ever heard of them in legend…

24 healing to bracers/Nightfall should be out with this phase.

Heard there may be issues with Nightfall…maybe related to why they haven’t released Don Rodrigo’s ring for AV? (reducing spell resistances maybe not implemented?)

I’m juggling a few things as we get closer to the release time, but I’ll see if I can get a confirmation on those.

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Just to confirm, the Healing Enchant to Bracers formula, Corehound Belt, and Nightfall are all also going live with Blackwing Lair. Don Rodrigo’s ring is later.


I am kinda disappointed right now with the misinformation regarding transmute fires.

I’ve been investing into elemental fires for months now and with this little mishaps prices have tanked on the server.

Why is the only good item on that entire class list the helm a warrior gets?

Because it’s not? Lmao

Would you elaborate there guy?

What other item would ANYONE use at this point considering MC was being cleared first week of release?

The mage neck maybe? I am specifically talking about the terrible class quest rewards.

Well first of all I’m pretty sure most warriors are going to take the flask.

As for other items, sure some are niche and have situational uses. Haven’t looked at each class choices but for the warlock choices, you’re not going to take the robes. So the choice is between the staff which you also shouldn’t take, only good for showing off, and a trinket. The trinket is decent for farming.

I would take the helm, its 1% crit and hit off from lionheart. I mean unless you’re one of those people that don’t mind paying a ridiculous amount of gold for a single item.

Thanks for making my point all other class quest rewards are trash.

@Nethaera I have asked in several other threads if the Shaman level 60 quest item Skyfury Helm was being added this content patch along with all the other 1.7 items. I haven’t gotten any responses yet? Any ideas or help on this? According to sources and archives it was released patch 1.7 along with all the other items being released today.
Thanks in advance.

Glad to see you’re still with us Candle! Thanks for everything you do :slight_smile:

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Can get multiple replies to junk like this but no natch potes.

I’ve checked several Priest Trainers and none of them have the Cenarion Aid quest. Is the Priest quest bugged?

And people wonder why Blizzard ignores the players.

FORUM Community manager dude, not a game manager.

Patch notes should be viewable in the launcher.

Are you still experiencing this?

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ive litterally spent 5 hours trying to get these encoded fragments on my rogue quest and they dont drop ive tried different mobs but it doesnt seem to work im undead rogue dont know if im the only experiencing this but its annoying.

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