[News] WoW Classic: Class Quests and New Reputation Rewards

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same, nothing at my trainer either

I asked on our end and it should be available on a select few trainers in the capital cities. If you’re not seeing that, you may want to give more feedback in the bug forums, so that it can be looked into.


I grabbed the quest off the priest trainer in Org yesterday.

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Thanks! Apparently, not every priest trainer has the quest. And there is no ! above their head.

I was able to grab it from Ur’kyo, Priest Trainer in Orgrimmar. The ones in UC didn’t seem to have it.

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I’m having the same issue. They drop from the oozes, but I can’t find them. I found one and camped him respawning. About one fragment drop per four spawns. It does not drop at all from the other creatures. Probably the worst quest I’ve ever had to do in wow.