[News] World of Warcraft®: Shadowlands News Round-Up

I’m always excited about expansions! I’m a little worried about the impact to my affliction warlock with the class changes, but I’ll roll with it! I’m looking forward to exploring Bastion.

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They are just bringing back skills that they stripped classes of in the past.

uhhh mages and shadow priests are light ranged dps…

Shadow priests. Light.

Pick one.

please for the love of god bring back pvp vendors for shadow lands!! i wanna be able to pick my own gear that i worked hard for the points and not just arena gear vendors. im kinda tired of getting random possible gear you can get at the end of each bg thats underrated and just trash to sell.


Angel bois.

Quote: “What aspect of the expansion are you looking forward to the most?”

Could you add in the “aspect” of having Communities with “Last Logged In” dates? If Guilds and Friends Lists can and already have this incorporated in why is it so hard to get this very useful tool put into Communities?

I literally run two near full ones now and have posted many times asking for this very simple, yet very LARGE QoL issue that every single community has issues with. Before someone says “Tell them to update their notes” take two seconds and think about that and how everyone is obviously going to do it when asked? [Sarcasm]

Please add this to your road-map somewhere. You have nothing really to do during the pandemic but remote work anyway and I am sure the resolution won’t take up all your available time at all since again, it is already in use for every single other list of friends and guild mates.


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Why is wow taking away buffs again. paladins now lose kings and might. Both are iconic which paladins. Just return them to original abilities. Kings was a mastery buff and might be a haste buff. Need to stop taking stuff that makes classes unique. Start making them back to what they were. Too many stuff being removed and not enough of the uniqueness being put in place.


Kinda hard to really say. The problem I found the biggest issue, which is something I don’t really want to see, is the mis-communication between the playerbase and the development, especially when it comes to bug reports. Yes, some bugs does get squashed, but not all does.

The thing I really want to see is just more communication between the community and the developers.

Hopefully having Undead that stand up straight…fingers crossed

so true as well as questing options for people who HATE raiding
one of the worst things about this game is being dependent upon other players

so plus one to tier sets. and give solo leveling / gear acquiring an option

I look forward to digging into torghast and helping Kael’thas out, unwinding our new story, and the unpruning, I look so forward to the things to come !

I’m not selling myself short till I know you guys seperate pvp from pve completely! You may fool all of these other players but I’ve been here since 2006 and I’ve seen what you guys do lol. Regardless of bringing vendors back I will be sold when you reward the casual bg player! On top of that you guys should really consider to stop rewarding pve players in pvp. People that want to play pvp dont all want to just be a elitist and run arena’s, or rated for that matter! Majority of us are casual’s that love old battlegrounds that were fun! If you’re an elitist pvper good for you. We’ve all seen how empty this game has gotten it’s pretty obvious the casual’s that played pvp all left. How bout we give casual’s that enjoy a bg a chance at enjoying the game also instead of only rewarding pve players and hardcore pvp players! Thanks =) Sincerely your casual Battleground PVP player since 2006 <3

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Not in a hurry to buy the new expac.Been playing since Mop and every time its the same. I enjoy playing horde toons. But alliance always has some boost or is given a boon or 3. I ask myself sometimes why play a game where pvp and pve is thrust to one side by the maker. I enjoy bgs that are supposed to be random with random players and yet for the last 5 months or so all i get into is premades with op alliance players that have been given 2.5 times the azerite and gold for warmode on. Horde gets 10 percent! While they get 25 percent! That is not even close to fair. I just look forward to no favoritism. Maybe ill buy it but right now its looking like a no thank you.

Looking forward to classes being brought back to where they never should have left. Not looking forward to this grindy pointless covenant stuff. Stop trying to force azerite on us, just now in a different form, and don’t make it used everywhere! If you make it like the garrison ability then it will be ok, just don’t make it for any instanced content or pvp. Just go back to balancing around pvp and pve will fall in line automatically. Worked great through WotLK. Tier sets and pvp speicific stats MUST be in place, otherwise it’s just another generic MOBA wow xpac

I’m interested in all of it, but very curious as to how professions are going to work.

I just wanted to say, thank you for listening and working hard! These changes to classes have me stoked! Old School WoW MMO design is the brick foundation for this game. We love it. Once you finish a character, than you can spend the extra time doing professions and fun pvp/pve activities. Just like the old days!! :smiley:

I use the human racial all the time. In fact, having a human DK with 2 different stun breaks can really simplify some fights.

The gear and some of the items from this expansion look amazing. I got the eternal traveler’s garb and I love it- and I bet there’s more aesthetic, transmog-worthy gear in the actual game. Oh, and also the new customization options for worgen and pandaren- I’ve always wanted a striped worgen. I’m really excited for that, I love playing worgen lol

From all the testing going on and the systems being pushed out, you guys have done great so far. I’d like to also add the communication and rationales given out for choices you guys have been putting out such as the Ion interview with Sloot has been sick.

Please continue the hard work and changes as we move on into the alpha testing phases.