[NEWS] Visions of N’Zoth: Mounts, Pets, and More

Yep, drop rates keep me from really caring too much.

Also my plan as I don’t do visions either, I’ll come back and farm them later.

You can see what people have on https://www.dataforazeroth.com/leaderboards/completion-score

An important question and one I would hope there is an answer to sooner rather than later since they have crazy drop rates. It’s not like Bruto where you can just farm gold and buy it. If it’s removed there’s a chance you could not get it because RNG es RNG

In this patch? You know how many mounts and pets they added in BFA? Lemme help you out https://simplearmory.com/#/us/dalaran/slade/collectable/mounts

They’re going to think of the PERFECT mount for Slade, the best mount ever that Slade will use till the end of time :open_mouth: It’s going to be the 500 mount reward (this hasn’t been announced, just a scenario so don’t bother looking) and you’ll be like “I need to go farm 3 different colors of that mount!” :rofl:


I’m really not a fan of the long respawn time rares with 1-3% pet or mount drop rates. They aren’t worth it, farming them means literally sitting around doing nothing for hours. If you are going to put a really low drop rate on a rare item/pet/mount it helps if the rare at least has a reasonable respawn timer.

It also helped in a zone like Mechagon that was smaller and more condensed you had a chance to get to the rare before it died if someone called it out. Uldum and Vale are too large.

The Vol’dun and Uldum alpacas are neat ideas and I enjoyed those.

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I haven’t done a vision since I got my main’s cape to 15, and I doubt I’ll do another one unless my friends come back and want to do them. Visions are repetitive, and the affixes aren’t really challenging, they’re just irritating. Visions also aren’t well balanced as melee have an easier time of doing them than casters. Then there’s the mess of being able to get caught in terrain in them, as well as 1 random disconnect being able to ruin an entire run.

As for the mounts, the drop rates are too low, especially considering that other than Ishak none of the rares are able to spawn every day. This is emblematic of one of BfA’s big problems; there are things to do, but the rewards for doing them aren’t worth the time investment. The entire expansion has been like that, I desperately wanted to play more, but its simply not worth my time.

This right here. RNG always needs to have its place in a game, but the execution of it in Patch 8.3 has been awful. How is that supposed to be fun?

If you could DRAMATICALLY increase drop rates across the board thatd be greaat


15 year vet I barely have a slime

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Yup, exactly, take Time Lost Protodrake, low chance of spawning but when it does boom you got your mount. Then take Big Love Rocket, you are pretty much guaranteed an attempt everyday during the event but we all know the drop chance of that lol. I don’t think either of those should be changed but I don’t think we should combine them either :rofl: Rare spawn AND low drop chance? No, that’s dumb.

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Have more then enough pets and mounts I never use, not worth doing the boring cloak content to me, think I stopped at level 5 or something like that.

I got stuck at 8. Tired of doing it right and not being rewarded. So that it for me.

Trust me. New chase the rainbow. Let it come to you.