[NEWS] Visions of N’Zoth: Mounts, Pets, and More

Now all we need for Visions and alts is to have the cost of getting keys significantly reduced. At this point, those that have their 15 ranks are doing keys at least once for the 3 resistance. I only have 15 on two characters, my Pally and my Monk but boy is it a pain in the butt to get my others with higher resistance!

By fortunate RNG, I have managed to get a couple of the more remote mount drops (drake of the four winds, Rajani warserpent) and I am still keeping an eye out for the rares, but truth be told, I have a very limited patience for camping spawn points twiddling my thumbs. I’m still missing two Timeless Isle drops for my collection.

( Perhaps I’d feel differently if spawn locations each also came with a nice nearby fishing hole to (A) reassure me that I’m actually in the right place and (B) give me something to do while waiting? Having the hyper-compressed ocean has helped when I remember it )

I reckon I have spares of most of them, they’re not really that costly on the AH

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(dashes off to grab some little pets and gives Fatale a cookie)


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I have most of what I wanted to my collection. My favorites are the mail muncher, shadowbard drone, and K’uddly. The toys are a tad difficult to obtain and are kind of so what who cares? and so are many of the pets but to a lesser extent because they can be purchased off the AH.

I hope the mounts etc from horrific visions stay in so I can do them in shadowlands. Being a casual in 445ish gear I am definitely not 5-masking anything for the foreseeable future.

World of MountCraft, ToyCraft, and PetCraft.

There’s an item that drops in the Vale during the Mogu assault that ought to be flagged as a toy, but for whatever reason is not currently designated as a “toy” - Sanguifang’s Pulsating Canine.

It has a low drop rate of 3% (similar to the other toy / pet drops this patch off of rares). It is not consumed upon use.

It’s nearly identical to two other items that WERE made into toys in the game: Spirit of Shinri and Ash-Covered Horn, which put you on a mount that runs non-stop (though for a shorter amount of time than Sanguifang’s Pulsating Canine).

Sanguifang’s Pulsating Canine makes you become the mount rather than ride the mount, but like the others, you run around non-stop while you have the buff. The description of it doesn’t state it, but it is restricted to BFA outdoor content due to a hotfix a while back. (Spirit of Shinri was restricted to WoD zones, and Ash-Covered Horn was restricted to Timeless Isle).

Given that this isn’t a consumable item, and is basically the same effect (with minor variation) as two other toys in the game that used the same practice of restricting use to zones within their current expansions, it seems like this item was probably meant to be flagged as a “Toy,” instead of taking up bag space.

I’m not bothering with Visions past the one required for the cloak questline, so… none.

Do you know how scared I was expecting this to be another “Will be going away in 9.0, get them whilst you can!” thread?

Too scared, and honestly I find it upsetting that it was my first reaction, but things like Brutosaur (why? Why?) got me worried ya know.

So what happens to these come Shadowlands? Will they remain obtainable?

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almost all of them are extremely low chance RNG drops. and most of them are just reskins of each other.

you can want to add to your collection all you want, but your up against low dice rolls. not a lot of earning potential, its all RNG.

You can buy some of the visions pets from the auction house. I picked up some the other day for 250g. You actually may be able to buy them all but most of them I got already.

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I really dislike visions, idk if I can ever go back in there after getting a rank 15 cloak.

Also I never play a alt anymore becuase I never wanna start over with visions.

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This is my question too.

When will we no longer have access to the AH mount (except for the Black Market) and will these always be available?

Are we going to lose them at pre-patch, patch, or not at all?

Blizzard’s dartboard decided that it wouldn’t be a toy.

The Brutosaur is going away when Shadowlands goes live:

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I didn’t even realize they had so many mounts and pets in this patch.

I get the alpaca because they are unique and I even do a fly around looking to feed one. I am also slowly (when I can muster the will to log in) to doing the daily raise a bug from egg quests. But the rest are new to me.

And to be honest its kinda meh… Just reskins.

Kinda makes me think… when did reskins become acceptable as a new reward… I already have the mindworm and never use it because it flies like its drunk. I really don’t see myself farming 3 different colors of it.

To each their own though. If your into nightmare worms and want 3 new colors then more power to you. :slight_smile:

Be awesome and have fun.

I want an Aqir mount that doesn’t shrink my character to 1/3 of normal size.

I want that damn mail muncher to spawn. The rng on the mail boxes sucks

Already got shadowbarb mount and pet :wink: Friendly Alpaca while there, too.

Reins of Drake of the Four winds, got on the first kill :wink: (Had zero luck with the rest of the mounts there =/ )

I think I’ve only got the Void Hare and Cat, several times, from Visions.