[News] Visions of N’Zoth: Auction House Update Preview

Depends on what you use that auction house for if it is more user friendly now. If you are buying gear to equip it is a disaster unless you enjoy RNG stats when you buy something.

you can still undercut

You get a warning when you post that you will lose your deposit if it doesn’t sell, that seems fair enough.

This only affects commodities (stackable items). Anything else listed will stay within the system over the maintenance period and will still be there at the end. But, yes, if you don’t sell your stackable items by the day of the content update (a few hours before maintenance) you’ll get the items back but not your deposit. Yep. We wanted to provide a heads up so that everyone was aware and plan accordingly.


Yes, that’s why the warning will pop up saying “don’t sell this today, wait until after the patch drops”. (Not guaranteed exact wording, but that’s what it means.)

You can, you’re just not required to. If you see 1000x at 2g you can list at 1.9G so you don’t have to worry about it.

That’s impossible and not how a market works… you can choose the price you sell at you can’t force a profit margin.


The new system incentivizes sellers to list at the current low price, and not undercut them. This is why the new system is LIFO (Last In, First Out)

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One thing this does it put the final nail in the coffin of sending stuff to your opposite faction alts using the AH. I’d be ticked if that effected me… (Since my characters are now on separate servers by faction, I haven’t been able to “toss things over the fence” with the AH in a while. :frowning: )

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It doesn’t make it really clear how long beforehand the warning will apply. Will it be 48 hours? I believe you can post items for up 48 hours, and if someone wasn’t aware of the new system (doesn’t read forums or is not on during that time beforehand) they could potentially lose a lot of gold.

Personally I think that if consumables were posted well in advance then their deposits should be returned because they weren’t aware of the issue and were not trying to sell close enough to the time to get the warnings.

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People like you aren’t very smart.

Its not always wise to undercut. Some of the people making the most gold on the server never list at the lowest price. There are so many things you can sell well above undercutting.

Most undercutters aren’t playing the market. They’re just the average player using a mod and try to sell stuff quickly.

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I’ll have to get used to the change. Ugh. Anyway, at least we don’t have to get trust level 3 to use the AH so that’s good.

Seems to me that not only do you want to avoid having commodities up at the patch launch to avoid losing their deposits, it would be wise to have nothing up when the maintenance starts, just to be safe. May even want to get any valuable items out of the mail system, too, since I’d guess it’s going to get slammed with all the returned AH commodities.

Worst case, if something goes wrong on patch day and high value items get lost in the transition, I doubt Blizz can guarantee that everyone would get every item back. Plus, even if they were recoverable from a transition issue, I’d hate to have to deal with whatever hassle you’d have to go through to get it back.

Play it safe, folks, get all things off the AH by Monday night and hopefully with a smooth and bug free launch on Tuesday, things can get reposted on Tuesday.

Oh, who am I kidding with that “smooth and bug free launch” dream. It’s gonna be a certain type of show on Tuesday, obviously.

I’m just being an overly optimistic and silly cow today.

/moo :cow:


That is exactly how the Token market works (then again that can involve real world currency), and it is also exactly how the Amex (an actual real world options market) works (all sales on the options market must clear and zero each day (within certain parameters and with certain exceptions) so if you list an option put a corresponding call must be found in the book of the auctioneer or the auctioneer is required to “cover” it (aka no naked puts) before COB on the day it is listed.

Except these aren’t options and there is no requirement to zero, this is straight commodities just like auctioning grain in open outcry. You get what you get.

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Except in an open outcry just as there isn’t a guaranteed sell there is no pooling of lots. Each lot is individualized. Whereas if what I believe is happening here happens as a seller you get no choice but to pool your stacks with all other stacks and if your number comes up you make a sale for the amount of that item that the buyer wants and no more or less. Meaning you have no incentive NOT to list as single items and a tax if you list a lot of single item stacks. Lose/Lose proposition

IF I am reading it right. I may be over complexifying it some. Part of my problem is that I have been in banking and markets for a long time and its hard for me to think simple terms any more

This is actually closer to what happens on modern markets sans options. Basically you list, and the system finds a “buyer” for you based on who offered last. The part blizz is missing is the ‘offered last’ part that allows sellers to get above offer if someone wants priority. The options market is a whole heap of crazy we don’t need in WoW.

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Frankly the options market is a whole heap of crazy the world (not just the world of warcraft) could do without. :stuck_out_tongue:

Inverted Yield Curves, derivatives and whether or not we should stick to LIBORS or not is what I deal in on a daily basis and trust me keeping it straight in your head is dang near impossible. There is a reason those guys in Chicago on the trading floors burn out so young.

Except most people are idiots and it never worked out that way. Most trade mats have stacks listed at substantially more per unit than singles, which doesn’t make sense and is just irritating for everybody.

I’m excited to be able to sort pets by what I don’t have yet. That will save me so much time. :grin:


I love the changes. Now I can always buy EXACTLY how many of a particular item I need instead of buying tons of individual or bulk of more than I needed.

Looks awesome!


Every time someone says something about making a game ‘fairer’ you know it is a bad idea.