[News] Visions of N’Zoth: Auction House Update Preview

Take your buying and selling to a new level with Azeroth’s updated Auction House!

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Will the archaic max list duration of 48 hours be increased to a more reasonable amount?


There are still bugs in that.

What should have been done is how you test the raids or do stress tests - with a one or two day period where everyone lists things and uses the auction house. Most people playing on the PTR do not bother with that auction house because everything is gone in a few months.

The way it is set up you may not want to even list for 48 hours.


I’m sick of having 250 transmog auctions in my mailbox every 2 days when other games have months of listings allowed.


They would have to put some hefty deposit charge on them if you wanted to post for that length of time to stop people from using that auction house as storage.


Interesting. Total buyers market. Sellers who operate without bots will be getting shafted.

Actually, I’m not so sure I like the idea of the new AH rules even as a buyer. I routinely look at unit costs of items I buy. If I see something that was undercut by one copper or one silver, I’ll skip that seller and support the seller who was honestly listing items substantially less than the competition.

Time will tell how this AH system shakes out. Maybe I can still weed out the bot undercutters, maybe I’ll just have to accept that the honest sellers are screwed. Hopefully it’s going to be the first option, not the latter.


Not liking this. If I wanted to sell piece meal I’d price accordingly. You get the better piece price when you buy in bulk.


They have eliminated the pettiness of small stacks though so there would be no advantage to paying extra for bulk.

If you want to charge extra you still can charge more than everyone else and post in bulk but there is no advantage to the buyer to buy from you anymore.


I understand The change what they are doing. Is a bad change, IMO. Just like in real life you can generally get a better per item prIce buying in bulk. Only want one or two it gets expensive. Per item.

I’m providing feedback saying it’s a terrible idea.


That isn’t what was happening in the current auction house though. Things in bulk were more expensive on that auction house not less because of the setup of that auction house itself.

I believe they are fundamentally changing how items are listed in the AH. Say you list 200 herbs. They are basically pooled into the AH stock. When your items are the lowest price available, they will be the next in line to be sold. Someone could buy 1, or all 200. You would be paid accordingly.

That’s my understanding from reading the older upcoming patch notes. What it is doing is getting rid of the nuisance listings of 14,267 individual herbs or whatnot when it should have been sold as stacks.

Pretty sure there is a special place in Shadowlands for people who list huge quantities of individual items. :face_vomiting:


It may not please everybody, but this is a most welcome step towards a cleaner, fairer, and more intuitive Auction House experience.


It’s also allowing first in last out at the same price. So someone doesn’t have to undercut. The later lister wins because their items will sell first automatically. Personally I would have preferred to see a buy/sell order system where you put in orders at a certain price either the max you’re willing to pay or the minimum you’re willing to take. If someone puts in a an order higher than your min yours get sold at that price. This is how commodity markets work in the real world.


Auction house looks awful now


definitely looking forward to the changes. much needed change and user friendly.


This is how it will hurt the seller, but help the buyer.

Ever see that dimwit that posted 200 of his item at 3 gold a pop 1 at a time?

Well if i see a stack of 200 for 5 gold a pop, I am going to pay the extra 400 gold to avoid having to click 200 times, even if it can be done quickly in Auctioneer you still have to open them all up 1 by 1 in your mailbox.

Which begs the question will your purchases be stacked in your mailbox? Or scatter by seller.

I bought 17 from one seller and the 22 from another and 64 from another and 1 from another…


While I would also appreciate an AH that worked like this the buyer and the seller both have to keep track of put call and strike prices for various prices of similar commodities.

My biggest beef (if it works as Shortround says) is that its a buyers market. If I only have one item I list that item at a unit price if I have a 200 stack of that item I list it in a multiple of that unit price and its either an all or nothing sale. If one of mine sells I get the unit price less the ah fee. If a buyer buys ten of my 200 stack and no one else buys before expiry of the auction I get the unit price * 10 less ah fee percentage and a return of 190 of whatever it was I was selling meaning I now have to restack and restock the auction…Not sure if I like that idea or not.

So am I reading this part right:

To change over to the updated Auction House, we’ll be removing any unsold commodity listings a few hours before maintenance and returning them to the seller. Any deposits from these returned items will not be refunded, but don’t worry—a warning will show to affected sellers before they decide to post new sales. Once this occurs, no new commodities will be able to be listed until the transition is complete

I read that to mean that any items on the AH when this changes over will lose all their deposits. Because if you cancel an auction, you lose the deposit, right? And if you don’t cancel and they send it back to you, you lose the deposit.


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As a buyer… having people abuse the market (and that’s what selling single stacks was) to manipulate prices and the paging system wasn’t fun and was honestly really bad. I think the lack of a need to undercut because of the LIFO system also means it’s not as bad as some of the doom criers are making it out to be.


Yep, agree with the part about 1 item stacks and having pages and pages of that (because THAT was annoying) but adding my stacks or partial stacks to a pool with no guarantee of sell and no way to undercut my competition means I will lose profitability. Now if they were guaranteeing the sale at a market average (non weighted) then that would be fine or if they allowed me to choose strike price and gave me some analytical tools to determine the margin then that might work.

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