[News] Taking Your First Steps in World of Warcraft Classic

Ready to dive into World of Warcraft Classic? Here are some tips to get you started on your journey.

If you’re new to WoW Classic, join the discussion and share your questions here. If you’re a veteran, share your tips with those who may be new to help them get started.


Make sure your character looks exactly the way you want when you create it.
There is no barber shop to change its hair style later…


Good Job! This info is greatly needed by some. :slight_smile:

Roll Alliance for instant queues. Roll Horde for…I don’t know why you would.

Also, sorry in advance for the replies you are going to see Community Manager :frowning: I’m sure the players all care about the game and just want to see it succeed. Don’t let it get you down!

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Yeah, the “roll horde if you want to win every bg” info is missing form that page.




*Roll horde - When enough of you whine on the forums we’ll make #somechanges.


There’s nearly no reason to play on a PVP server. You’ll get ganked leveling up with no chance to fight back. Once you get to 60 you’ll either be too weak to fight the people who are geared-up or they’ll fight you with multiple people on one.

The amount of good, fun, challenging PVP fights that you get will be nearly none. If you want to open world PVP you’re basically forced to become a ganker. Or just never PVP…in which case you should be on a PVE realm.

Unless you plan on killing people who have little chance to fight back you’re better off rolling on a PVE server, leveling and gearing more quickly, then PVPing in BG until you’re sick of it.


This isn’t going to drum up new players for a 15 year old game Blizzard :stuck_out_tongue:


If Blizzard tries implementing any RMT transactions into this version of the game, berate them on the forms, spam CS and cancel your sub citing the blatant greed from the company is the reason you’re leaving. Tell your friends to do the same.


What I would do to be new to this game again, but still good information!


copy and paste much from wowhead and icyveins?

Who hurt you man?


Good post :slight_smile: there will always be negative comments though as we can see :eyes:

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Thanks, Nethaera.


Just being honest, this is pretty much how it works out. People should know ahead of time what happens on a PVP server so they can make an informed choice.


your Best robe is crafted and BOP, means you have to be tailor and make it yourself.

Seen so many people ask to get arch mage robe made, they even saved mats, just to tell them it’s BoP.

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Also in tanaris watch out for that dwarf priest standing outside. He’s gonna try to MC you. He’s a real jerk, you’ve been warned.

Wow if only there was someone 6 months ago giving tips. Oh wait. The streamers did and that caused over populated horde dominate pvp realms with a bunch of non-pvpers who should have rolled pve servers.