[News] Shadowlands Class Updates

Are warriors getting back stances?

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How many of the new affliction talents will be a dps loss like in BFA??


The artifact weapon appearance takes precedence over whatever you’re actually wielding. So, if you have 2 1-hand weapons and the artifact weapon was a 2-hander, your character will appear to be wielding the artifact weapon as a 2-hander.

You don’t suddenly get 2 2-hand weapons to swing around or something else crazy.

It already just works for casters and their 2-h/1-h combo weirdness.

Seems like some fun and very much needed changes. I would even suggest some “break glass in emergency” type changes in here such as 2h Frost and the removal of Maelstrom. Baseline Healing Stream Totem <3 and a Searing Totem that sounds like it may not be as awful as it was in WoD. The changes for MW Monk sound very nice for melee healers with the defensive and Invoke. As do the changes for Feral Druid since snapshotting still seems to be around (yay!).

This is just me asking for a mile after getting an inch. But, Gladiator spec. I’m a little confused by the changes to Warriors as it seems like maybe Fury or Arms can use a shield now? I’d love a classic sword&board DPS that deals viable damage. They don’t need to be any more bulky than any other DPS class. Just want to slam things with a shield. Also, Arcane spec still sounds dreadfully boring. Still a melee AoE spec on a Mage. Unless Touch of the Magi is meant to replace it due to some balancing changes to make Arcane Explosion weaker. Nice to see it on all specs! Not everything has to be fun for me specifically though and I understand that. A lot of these changes seem like a huge improvement. Keep it up! Back to playing GW2 until these changes hit Live. Good luck Blizzard team until then.

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Great…doubling down on holy power. One of the clunkiest resources in the game…



Made a compilation thread of all changes and feedback here

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Warlock’s get another meme expac as far as fun goes.

Aff gets effigy 2.0 demo doesn’t get what it needs and destro just remains all about havoc and inflexibility.


:frowning: Yeah. Not only keeping it but giving it to the other specs. Sad panda.

You mean Stormblast? YES PLEASE!

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OR they could use the tornado animation from the trinket that drops in Antorus.

Druid player - primarily balance here.

First I love that picking a Affinity picks up those extra abilities and that there are lots of core abilities coming back. I also like that Starfall is will affect our dots. That’s a really interesting quality of life and interaction.

I really dislike the Eclipse system. I much prefer the astral power system. I actually stopped playing Boomkin when the Eclipse system came into play. I really hope you consider giving the option of playing the current Astral Empowerment power system.

Finally I really hope that a talent for Streaking stars and Arcanic Pulsar make it in the game. Their interaction is the most interesting in the current game play and I hope it isn’t abandoned in shadowlands.

Locks need a baseline kick and some form of on demand mobility that didn’t require pre placement

Thank you for what you’re doing to hunters, it’s a wonderful start, but please consider doing more. Give us frost and freezing traps back and among all 3 specs. Give us Distracting shot and original Concussion shot. Let us Kite again.


I agree with you. No other MMO reinvents the wheel every single expansion like wow. It is a terrible design, imo.


It would have been fine if Blizzard actually listened to people and found out when a spec did its best or was its most fun. For Balance druids, that was Legion. Just go back to balance druids for legion, then end.

Or say warlocks in I think MOP? Can’t remember.

Just randomly throwing darts and picking random times to revert classes to was very silly. 9/10 druids would tell you eclips was not good, and was a big reason the spec was barely played until Legion.


i think I may just move to feral on my kt druid for my first 60.

The weapon choice changes for Monks and Frost DKs is amazing, but PLEASE PLEASE let Survival Hunters and Fury Warriors dual wield 1 handers again.

I sincerely hope you guys implement this, since it’s the exact same thing (from what I can tell) as giving these classes this choice too.


you’re gonna have to make more keybinds sticks

No. I like two handed weapon survival hunters. Glad to get Ambush back as a assassin rogue too.

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WotLK Ret. Forever, and ever, amen.