[News] Shadowlands: Adventure Awaits in the New Starting Experience

This whole thing sounds like a complete copy of EverQuest 2 Isle of Refuge.

Been there… seen that… pass

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When the level squish was first announced I was VERY skeptical. However all of the details on the new leveling experience I have read since then has made me actually look forward to this change. Having first picked up the game only about two years ago myself, it can be difficult to pick up and unfortunately new players learn pretty quickly not to bother asking too many questions of other people. This new starting experience is going to bring new people into the game and help them learn the ropes so much more easily.

Love the ideal of trying all of it out before picking a place to call home… Easy travel also factors into this for me, meaning the lay out of each home city.

This so much, this. I read all the info and was dismayed that what I wanted to use would not match the covenant I wanted to be a part of. Also got the feeling there would not be any way to change later should I change my mind and want to try something else. its worse than having multiple warlocks, one for each spec just so I could use what is available that works differently, based upon the event at hand.

Currently we can swap specs and gear, which works. We also can swap up our talents on the fly, if we have a tomb with us. But to be stuck in the spec you want in a covenant choice you wish to change out of, just sucks eggs.

If Bliz wants to make our selections count they need to make sure we actually have access to the different choices within all specs available to that class and covenants, without being pigeon-holed where we become useless. Its counterproductive to their announcement of unlocking skills going forward, if we have only part of our toolbox available but missing an ingredient needed from the other half of the toolbox. In effect this restriction will make that character useless in different events.

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I really need to know what’s happen to heirlooms with the leveling changes.
I’m I just wasting gold upgrading them now?

We’ve made a slight update regarding the starting levels for Allied races, Death Knights and Demon Hunters as follows:

“Players with Allied race characters will begin at level 10. Non-Allied race Death Knights, and Demon Hunters will automatically begin at level 8 and play through their own starting experience before moving on around level 10.”


Isn’t WoW ftp until level 20? Maybe that’ll get reduced in Shadowlands but…

The updated leveling will be a welcome improvement.

A lot of players would like to get talent trees back. Is this in the works? Are we continuing with the current system? Trees a great way to allow players to feel their characters get more stronk as the levels pile on.

This first batch of invitations will mainly go out to long-time WoW players with active accounts in good standing,

How’re there Ogron on Azeroth (According to the screenshot) when they’re originally only seen on Draenor?

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They came with the Mag’har when they were ported back to our reality. That’s also why we have the goren that Kaz lends you for that one assault WQ in Zuldazar.

Wait, I’m confused. Every player with Allied Race will start at level 10 and non-Allied races at 8? So no one starts at level 1?

Allied race PCs will begin at level 10 in the same way they currently begin at level 20.

Non-Allied Race Death Knights and all Demon Hunters will begin at level 8, in the same way that they currently begin at an advanced level.

All other races and classes will begin at level 1, in the same way they currently do.

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The way I read it, new characters that aren’t allied races, DKs, or DHs, start at level 1, and can either do the new starter zone, or their old one (No confirmation yet afaik if you can do say the NE one as a human).
If you pick a DK or DH, you start at level 8, and play through their starting zone, which will end you at around level 10.
And then

Are you actually confused? Do you really think that’s what they mean?

Just checking. I have a toon at 117. I should get him to 120, or else I’ll be locked into BFA content for new toons once Shadowlands launches?

Really looking forward to this. Only thing that really bums me out is that Allied races will start at 10, and I will not be able to experience the new areas with them. You all should make an option for people to start them at level one if the choose. The not starting at level one is a big reason I wont play DH, and makes me really not like DK. I don’t feel any connection to them by starting off half way through the journey. I know many others are all about getting to max level asap, but personally I feel max level/ end game is the most boring aspect of playing. /shrug


I don’t have much of a problem with DH and DK starting at 8, however I’m with you on the allied race thing. I would really like to be able to start at level 1 with them as an option.

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Always sad when other MMOs do this, as it removes the uniqueness of the races and replayability to funnel everyone through the same exact starter zone with the same exact story for every single character.

At least this system allows the options of returning to the other starter zones. Just…please learn from the railroad that was BFA content. Don’t force people through the same long questline on every character for needed unlocks. That gets incredibly annoying and boring.

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For Veteran Players

If you’re a veteran player or you’ve leveled a character before, you can choose to opt out of the starting experience and begin instead at level 1 in the starting area for your race. Upon reaching level 10, you can either continue into Battle for Azeroth or speak with Chromie to choose the expansion that you’d like to continue leveling in before you enter Shadowlands at level 50. Players with Allied race characters will begin at level 10. Non-Allied race Death Knights and Demon Hunters will automatically begin at level 8 and play through their own starting experience before moving on around level 10.

Thank you for this. I was very worried I’d get super bored of the same starting zone after a few characters.

As an altaholic with 24 level 120s, I’m really excited for these changes.