[NEWS] Play Warcraft III: Reforged and Relive the Beginnings of World of Warcraft—Now Live!

they don’t seem to be advertising it at all lately; not even a reddit post

idc much for the game nor the genre but it does seem weird to suddenly go from making WoW systems to market your RTS (warfronts) to here, a step away from radio silence

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I think I will only buy it when LTA/LTF and Dark Age of Warcraft are ported to the new version. Kinda prefer the Warcraft 3 aesthetics more so than current WoW’s.

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so is it just me or the horde races listed not match what is on the screen? I mean Vol’jin is a troll an he is listed as an Orc.

Demon Hunters with Metamorphosis before blizzard gave it temporarily to Warlocks.


I guess you mean the sub-factions that make up the Alliance and the Horde. Because … I mean, the Alliance v Horde dynamic has been central to the entire franchise (as much as it needs to go away NOW, it’s what started the RTS).

Cairne is listed as an orc too. All hordies are orcs at heart…

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It’s a dumpster fire. Glad I didn’t preorder, and now I wont order at all. So much was removed that was promised. So sad.


Can you guys make the game not trash first? Please and thank you!


I love the tone shift in this thread from the launch to now.

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Now, I am just afraid of pre-ordering Shadowlands :frowning:

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Yeah, it went from “ALL ABOARD THE HYPE TRAIN!” to “JUMP WHILE YOU STILL HAVE A CHANCE!” really quick. Understandable as to why though.


I see we have another new Community Manager.

I see they really shouldn’t have fired the previous.

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Whew, what an absolute mess. I’m not even mad at this stuff anymore. Just profoundly disappointed.


Yeah, Blizzard is no longer worth having irritation for. I loved the game and felt irritated it was going downhill. Now, they are just doing it to themselves. Lets hope another game picks peoples interest.

The whole becoming the enemy is real.

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I will repost what I said from another thread…with some alterations.

No clans

No profiles

Can no longer have more than 1 account

No more custom campaign functionality

No more Reign of Chaos balance for the Reign of Chaos campaign

No more built-in tournament functionality

No more The Frozen Throne menu screen

No more LAN functionality

No more offline games versus the AI

No more cross-chat with Diablo 2 players

No more /commands

Removed friend list

Removed custom game filter

Custom game list is no longer global - you can’t play custom games with people from other regions

No MMR system

No custom keybinds

Removed the Dryad’s “I’m so wasted” voice line, possibly others missing that have yet to be discovered

Cut all the promised new cutscenes

Cut all the new english voice acting

New foreign dubs which are inferior and compulsory, can NOT be changed back

Cut promised new story content

Arthas vs Illidan cutscene looks like cheap fanmade youtube stuff

Menu is awful and unfinished with chat clipping

The end of match summary is completely butchered and doesn’t tell you useful info

The old client is gone, even if you don’t own reforged you’re forced into replacing it if you ever connect to bnet

Custom maps now have a report button so blizzard can ban maps and ban people hosting them

And finally, remember that this was delayed before release

This isn’t reliving the beginnings. This is taking those beginnings and stripping them for parts to make a quick buck.


What a disaster.


Did ragnoros hit this thread?



Bumping so more people can see all the great WC3 reforged news!