[NEWS] Play Warcraft III: Reforged and Relive the Beginnings of World of Warcraft—Now Live!

You ruined any value WC3 had with its rich custom games scene, and now you’re spamming it in WOW’s general forums? Yikes.

Also check the metacritic


Warcraft 76

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For any Australians here being illegally denied refunds just keep in mind that Blizzard is breaking the law and that you should put in a complaint with the ACCC.

Blizzard operates in Australia and pays GST. If they don’t comply with the ACL they will eventually be barred from trading here.

For Americans, well good luck and maybe try begging with the customer service rep.


my only complaint is that the meat wagon is only showing up for my horde characters

Garbage…do not waste your time or money.


I agree with some of these but others are really nitpicky.

They are accepting refund request no questions asked…but keep stirring the pot.

But good try with HURR DURR our ashen land is better.

Can’t wait for Internet Historian to post a video about this.



This post didn’t age well.

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It aged like milk in the Gobi Desert.
So glad I refunded this piece of turd when they posted promotions for this game by using random artists work without crediting them.

If you can’t even do your marketing right what sort of effort are you putting into the game itself?


At the time of posting they were not offering refunds. Nice try though.


Except they are now right? Have a bbq with all that charcoal.

Even at the time of posting many were getting refunds.

Yeah. Now. After people kicked up a stink.

If it weren’t for people rocking boats and letting Blizzard know what’s what I imagine that wouldn’t be the case.

The complainers affected positive change. That’s the message that’s important and needs to be acknowledged here.

They were illegally denying refunds to Australians and Canadians at the time of posting. It’s best you just stay quiet it’s becoming embarrassing at this point.

Or I could punch myself in the dick, I hear it has the same effect…


One whole aussie crying is everyone i guess. It was a csr not versed in the nanny state laws. But i guess that “everyone”

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There were multiple accounts of Australians and Canadians being denied refunds.

I REALLY wanted to play Warcraft 3. Not after this dumpster fire. No thank you.

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And everything on the internet is true… Just like all those metacritic scores are legitimate.

But hey believe all the whiners coming from your Nanny state. Not like aussies have ever lied in the past

I’m honestly confused as Hell how they advertised the trailer to “The Culling” in game vocals with the cinematographic shots and whatnot…it’s still there, the trailer is RIGHT THERE on their War3 webpage…

…So why wasn’t that at least cut+pasted into the game? All it would have needed was a few fades to black to make it perfectly useable? Instead random Aerial view for the whole thing?! It’s baffling! The content was made, put it in the damned game?!


It’s completely done already, it was in the game at Blizzcon a while back!

WHY WAS THIS TAKEN OUT!?! It’s completely nonsensical, was there a concerted effort to make the game fail for tax reasons? I can’t even wrap my head around this

With all the things I have seen and heard so far, I am glad I didnt pre-order it. I dont want to be in the same boat of being utterly disappointed, then get banned from trying to get my money back for something that is essentially a dumpster fire =/