[NEWS] Play Warcraft III: Reforged and Relive the Beginnings of World of Warcraft—Now Live!

Return to a climatic time in Azeroth’s history before factions formed, heroes rose and fell, and the World of Warcraft legacy began.

Read the blog here.


When are we able to start installing it? I wont be able to play it until I get back from work and I’d rather not have to sit through an install when I get home.


I will if you give me a meat wagon.


“Hell, It’s about time.”

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I’m excited! Feels like it’s been forever waiting for this game, I’m ready to work. :smile:

Edit: Never mind I lied, you can start installing it right now!


I think I’m gonna wait on this to see if it lives up to the promises.

Good luck, everybody who preordered.


On a scale from 1 to 10, how uh… immediately playable without bugs is this going to be?

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Does the upgrade to reforged replace the older version? Or will both versions be on the Blizzard app main page?

preordered what? almost a year and a half ago. Already regretted it at least 8 months ago when the radio silence dragged on far past a reasonable stretch. Long since learned not to trust this company well before now and not particularly enthused to see what problems launch will entail.

I did enjoy driving around in my meat wagon though, about a year ago when I was still trying to find something in BfA compelling enough to stay.

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Is it online only? If so, I’ll just dig out my old WCIII disks.

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Is everything still wrong?

Harpies with five fingers and a back toe?

Trolls without their back toe?

Succubi with Dreadlord wings?

Stuff like that?

Because this totally killed my mood.


Is that one the yummiest?

Yeah, a LOT of the new models and ‘updates’ sorta killed it for me. it doesn’t look like a Warcraft game imo and I really hope it’s not indicative of some new art style/direction they’re taking. (I know alot of it was farmed out, so hopefully THATS not a trend… the art is HUGE for me in this game)

I think the models look good.

I just don’t like the 19028309180309138018301398 anatomy mistakes.

A game that predates classic? Are all the future success of Blizzard dependent on re-releasing work done in the distant past before many of the current players were born?

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Looks like it. The present Warcraft team just isn’t up to it.

Downloading the game at an incredible pace of 1.5-2mbps. Cant wait to start playing in a couple hours. Except I wont be able to, because thats when I go to work :frowning:

Im aware its not blizz’ fault for the slow download. Just my poor internet. Cant wait to start playing the game tomorrow morning when I get home from work.

Does it actually work?

4v4’s were super buggy (frequent disconnects) even as late as last weekend - and I don’t think we were able to play the campaign at all (at least not all the times I checked).

There’s a multitude of reasons why sequels are usually bad (or get worse with time), but it’s a very common occurrence. It’s not just wow; movies, series, etc. all have the same problem.

Just be happy it has lasted this long.

TBH, it’s kind of sad that such a “huge” announcement is getting so little talk. Only 20 posts and the thread was made by a blue 3 h ago…