[News] Death Knights for All Races Preview

I figured as much, but it is good to be confirmed - since some were saying it could be otherwise.

Edit PS.: Just realized, 58 instead of 55. Heh. But, that does make sense, with Allied Race DK’s not having the full questing area that regular DK’s have.

There are a couple of bugs with Wraithchill that were present in 8.2.5, and are fixed in Visions of N’Zoth. Looking through them, they appear to be unintended conflicts with other things that made the illusion go away.

Again – fixed with the update coming in 4 days.

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Hey Kaivax, are we able to unlock Allied Race heritage armor if we level them as a DK? Or do we have to play a class that starts at level 20?

Thanks in advance.

Will you guys be making it possible to illusion bows/guns with Wraithchill?

Having 2/3 of an entire class unable to use an $80 Deluxe Version perk is kinda stupid, to be blunt.

We know that guns/bows can have enchants/illusions on them, as we’ve found a few that can get them on it by swapping weapons with the transmog window open. It’s just you guys having that limitation in place for some reason.

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Why aren’t allied races getting more skin tone options like the core races?


Yes. From the blog post linked in the OP:

Heritage Armor for Allied Races characters can be obtained by leveling to 110.


ok i love this but i already have a human death knight is there a way to get the archerus deatcharger class mount? do i just create a new allied race dk and get the mount so i can use it on my main? lol please help…

Isn’t the Deathcharger the mount you got during the starting Death Knight quests?

It’s not a new mount. It’s the old res DK horse that you already have if you have a DK.

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I command you to stop tempting me with Void elf Death Knight.

Yeah… unlock your new Death Knight and level it to 120 so you can not play it like all your other alts without essences!


Spencer’s and Hot Topic had a baby, and it’s horrible.

I am scared, really

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{Death Grips DK lunch money before stepping through portal} "Ta." :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

It doesn’t matter who was helping Bolvar, nothing can stop a strong and empowered female leader.

Nice way to raise Shadowlands profits right there.

Before people QQ about an “advantage” except the 2 newest allied races you’ve had plenty of time to do them. Also pretty sure someone mathed it and the boost from monks is actually better if you level an hour a day to maximize it then the 38 level boost from being a DK.

Have DKs managed to shake of their bad reputation and stigma from this expansion?

I was forced off my DK during dazar’alor from not being able to get groups as dps and while I could and did tank, being constantly overlooked for groups made me sad.

Is un-life any better nowadays?

I don’t have the words to express how much I hate the fact that I can’t use visual enchants on my weapons because they’re ranged.


They were there and they weren’t jobbers, they were part of Bolvar’s new elite Cena Squad…

…we just couldn’t see them…