[News] Arena World Championship & Mythic Dungeon International 2020 Plans

With Battle for Azeroth wrapping up, we’re planning something truly spectacular for 2020 with some of the largest LANs we’ve ever held. The Mythic Dungeon International and the Arena World Championship are both bound to provide some of our best esports action yet.


Like the YouTube change. It’ll be easier to watch and navigate vods hopefully.


Maybe include corruption in the AWC to show how much the actual game sucks in comparison. Watching people at 2300 mmr deal 60% of their damage from corruption / essences / pve trinkets and procs.

I’ll tune in when what I’m watching on the championship field correlates with what I’m experiencing in the actual game.


Just an FYI this arena season’s elite armor is dreadful looking. Shame on you.

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Awesome, can’t wait to see which Corruption gear comes out on top this year!


Corruption gear is not allowed in awc

If you have to disable something because it’s not balanced enough for competitive play, perhaps it shouldn’t be a thing to begin with.

Just my lowly opinion.


Weird… It’s almost like they know it’s bad for PvP? That can’t be right though.


Nice to see some decent prize pools this year. Best of luck to everyone competing :slight_smile:

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Are you claiming rank 3 infinite stars isn’t balanced?


Well, it balances out my otherwise mediocre DPS. :stuck_out_tongue:

oh so you disable corruption for the REAL competitive gaming… I made a post on Day 1 of corruptions saying they should be disabled in ARENAS


So I don’t understand why Blizzard felt the need to move their streaming over to Youtube? I think Twitch is fine and easy to navigate. Also I don’t see where it says Blizzard disabled Corruption gear for this event? It would be very silly if they are going to.

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Blizzard and Twitch have been on the outs ever since Twitch refused Blizzard’s demand for some of that Amazon money. No joke, that happened.

Also, Blizzard is relying on exclusivity deals to keep their sinking E-sports in the black a little longer. YouTube is out of touch enough that they probably think it’s a good idea to sink millions into something that will make very little in ad revenue.


You don’t like damp DMR games???

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you cant flag a blue post?! that’s racist :confused:

Hate to say this but as long as actual gameplay remains crap nobody will care about these. At least I don’t.


Just go away please.

I wonder how long it takes for Blizzard VoDs get flagged and demonitized…


YouTube gave them 160 million over 3 years and Twitch refused to give Activision-Blizzard money when they were sold to Amazon.

Activision-Blizzard was so high on themselves they tried to make the case Twitch owed them money from the sale to Amazon because Blizzards games are so popular and brought people to the platform…