New WoW Classic Realms are Now Open - September 4

We have just opened the following new realms in this region:

Realm Type Timezone
Arcanite Reaper PvP Pacific
Earthfury PvP Eastern
Heartseeker PvP Eastern

For approximately one day after free character moves to a realm begin, these new realms will be restricted to only those players using a free character move. After one day, any player may create new characters there. This is to allow players using the free character move service a better chance at retaining the name of the character they’re moving.

Thank you!


Thank you!

There you go, Herod.

Get moving!


This is where people should be going instead of realms that are less than a week old


erm… dumb question, but how does one find free classic character xfer flow?

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it’s on the queue screen.

Select character, type in realm, but the “Continue” button is grayed out. Wait?

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erm, can you be more specific?

Your announcement suggests that over the next “approximately 1 day” all 3 new realms will begin accepting transfers. Should either amend that or start posting your planned times for the other realms to open up so players know it might be later today / early tomorrow (if this is in fact the case).


The little Shop button appears above addons on my character list, bottom left side of the screen.

If you are on the character select screen its under the shop. The queue screen i’m not sure.

For my question, are we able to transfer multiple characters per account?

hmm… yeah that was the first place I checked, because that’s where I see it on Retail. But I don’t see it on char select screen for Classic. Maybe it only appears for certain (eligible?) realms?

Yeah, I think Faerlina doesn’t have it yet. Their server they’re moving to is still offline

It works. Now you don’t type in your server to transfer to, Earthfury shows up on a list. Wait time 1-3 hours it looks like. Got two transferring now, so multiple characters appears to be possible. Good luck to all Herod and Skeram refugees.

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Okay I do see character xfer dialogue when trying to queue/login on Herod so I guess it’s only for certain realms.

is it from the battlemet realm selection screen? or on the battlemet account management website :S - sorry to bug

For me I found it on the character list on Skeram


I have a 34 hunter on Herod horde, there’s absolutely no way im taking a free transfer to alleviate queue times for people if I’m unsure of whether I’ll be able to paid xfer back to herod to play with all of my friends, and no, they’re not going to leave herod either because they also have friends of friends who play on herod. If I was sure there was going to be paid xfers in a months time, or two months time etc I’d do it.


You don’t have to. But if you complain about queue times in the future people will rightly laugh at you.