New to this server both factions

Good Morning!

Just wanted to stop in and see if there are any active guilds recruiting. I prefer a more casual group of mature players but with active progression in endgame content.

I transfered here to get away from the chaos of A52 and want a tighter knit community. I haven’t got a lot of experience in mythic+ content but willing to learn. I do love some good battlegrounds as well but have never did a rated. Haven’t deep dived into WoW endgame really at all since LK and only periodically came back through BFA. Don’t let that throw you off though please, I’ve got a lot more time on my hands nowadays.

I’ll be playing Horde and Alliance! (Just started an alt for ally) All responses are welcome even “Hellos” or advice about settling in with the server would be great. :smiley:

Welcome to the server! :slight_smile: Lots of great guilds on server. I’m in Fallout and we do mostly raids and achievement fun runs on saturday nights if you’re still looking. Sieg#1546

Thank you! I will shoot you a message when I get online :slight_smile:

Welcome !!!

I had to type more to get to the 10 char. minimum to post.

Welcome Ohseal!! Our little server might not be big, but I think we’re friendly :slight_smile: There are TONS of horde here, but if you need a home for your alliance, my guild Grey Horse Army would love to have you :slight_smile: We are a small guild of mature players who raid AOTC, do mythic runs and just help each other with the rest of the content.

They joined us and oddly a few days later said they were going to play another game instead. Super nice person cuz they donated what they had to gbank before disappearing. Hoping they change their mind and come back. :slight_smile: