New to Brewmaster!

Wouldnt worry to much unless your joining a mythic+ infinity guild, all tanks can do the content just some do it better then others. If you like playing brm then go with that. As long as you are good at at it you will find groups, just probably not a the highest tier where the min/max stat balance is crazy.

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BrM are the tankiest specs on the game. They will shrug off 1 shot mechanics like they are autoswings and keep going.

Stagger is the single strongest tank mechanic in game.

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All I see on the forums or other sources lately is how BrM Stagger mechanic is not working as it should?

I just recently got to Shadowlands and have NO problems with anything yet, but the Dragonflight expansion might be another story… But i do go the extra mile and always have a Food Buff and Elixer Buff, so…

Basicly, I am mostly worried about stressing out my LFG Healer, lol… :sweat_smile:

Start / end of expansions are always a little fooky till endgame where you get your stats&gear and then a few seasons in where they update and tune. Not to mention even with max level gear and stats you can also stress the healer if you dont know how to play the class.

I mean the best way to know about BrM pvp is to go and play BrM yourself and see if stagger works as it should in pvp.

Atleast from my own limited and sparse casual pvp experience on live and beta as brm, stagger isn’t as effective in pvp as it is in pve. The stagger bar doesn’t go up as much hence you get very little mitigation.

Magic and bleed damage is also not properly staggered / very strong against us in pvp (we are already weak against magic in pve).

This is quite unfair because tanks already take 50% extra dmg in pvp yet if our stagger is nerfed / bugged(?) in pvp we cant talk about balancing or anything yet since the spec just isn’t fully functional in pvp

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I’d take what Xianmisuto says with a grain of salt; it would seem as though they only raid and do not touch 5mans…but their profile is hidden so I can’t say for sure!

He’s right about tanking bosses, but he’s wrong when it comes to large pulls in dungeons. At least from what I have heard from tanks on the beta; my only BrM experience was S1 SL and I prefer MW/WW.

That said, I’d listen to people like Bulletproof who seem to actually have proper experience.

I played a fair bit of BrM through SL and pugged most, if not all, of it. It was rough until two keg smashes became available through the legendary. I came back and tanked Uldaman and it feels clunky and a lot more squishy than I’m used to but we have access to proper self heals now (elixir). I don’t like the million buttons that BrM now has though. I spend more time watching my timers for brews than anything and the rotation feels clunky.

I’m trying to decide whether to stick it out in the hope of a prune or switch to Prot Pal or Bear for tanking this xpac.

I just finished tanking the new dungeon and I had the opposite experience - big pulls, fun rotation, never really flirting with death.

Maybe its ilvl? My BrM currently has 294 gearscore (so obv over levelled for the prepatch content).

Your leggos disappear in 2 weeks.

Can also depend on your healer as well.

If you manually put their server and name into the armory url their armory will come up. Or look them up on and then click the limit to their armory from there.

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Thanks. And yeah looks like my guess was correct.

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I do not run m+ cause it is boring lmao. Ive actually fallen a sleep during a 15 cause I was so bored. Everything I say is always from raiding cause both m+ and pvp are just to boring to me.

And not super high end. I really only do heroic since that is what my work schedule allows. I do not have the time to commit to mythic, although I have been asked by guilds to joing them.

Most of my knowledge is from mw point of view too.

i’m absolutely baffled at the idea of finding heroic raid tanking stimulating and tanking even reasonably high keys boring, but i’m glad this game offers something for everyone

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Cause M+ and pvp is formulaic to the point of mundanety. Every move is always the same. Every step and every cc/interupt/cd

With raiding you have more lf the human factor with it being so many more individual people.

M+ sure you have 4 others but that number is so small you can basically negate the human factor down to only 2 factors. Spec/dungeon. Everything else is known.

BrM is ALOT of fun for random BGs, stagger effect works well against 2 or maybe 3 players (if 3rd player is bad/undergeared) and can spin/guard flag really well b/c we have a lot of range to stop someone from capping (i.e. RoP 40 yards, Chi Wave 40 yards, Niuzao Ox 40 yards, Crackling Jade Lightning 40 yards, gap closer Chi Torpedo, etc), but against 2 geared good players you will most likely melt and need to kite/run away/self heal like crazy to withstand them.

BrM definitely needs a buff in terms of HP and survivability, but I would recommend BrM if you’re looking for casual mythics and random BGs as the rotation and talent variability makes it very fun (plus a lot of crowd CC with the pvp Incendiary Breath talent).

Depends what you mean by “kicking butt” Brew is the highest DPS tank right now but it has a hard time without a good healer

In SL? Pretty tanky. But in DF we have problem with damage in take, we have the highest damage in take but no really good way to heal it back like other tanks.

Some of the worst, if not the worst, in the game. I looked a few days ago and it was something like 32 or 36 buttons that you will be using through out dungeons.

It’s alright, but you need to have very good communication so that you can tell when you are going for big cc chains and then you have to rely on your dps to secure a kill while you cc.

For RBG brew isn’t the worst but it’s not even close to the best. All brew has going for it is roll and tiger’s lust, you take waaay too much damage since Brew is mega nerfed in PvP from Legion.

Significant buffs to BrM. Huge numbers.

Someone else will need to comment on value, because BrM is no longer on my DF radar. 4pc Brew was great in SL, not sure why Blizz felt the need to mess with it so hard.

Giving us more healing helps, but I don’t think it will solve the problem of BrM’s still being too squishy. We need another charge of Celestial Brew as standard, magic damage stagger same as physical, and a reduced CD on Fortiying Brew - 6 minutes is wayyyyy too long for a weak defensive - sadly which is one of our main go-to defensives besides Celestial Brew.

This Ox/Celestial increase was strictly to balance against the 40% HP change they made - ultimately not much of a buff at all but just to bring it back to where it was before.

Brew is still suffering - squishiest tank by far.