New Tier Set bonuses have been revealed

I don’t know about you all, but Destruction looks good. Not sure about Demonology bonuses yet. Will have to think on it.

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The affliction ones are okay… I mean affl dosent use drain soul or shadow bolt in pvp?:sweat_smile: I wonder if the set bonuses will be different for pvp? I hope​:joy:

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Demonology looks good, plays well with aspects that demo enjoys like More Demons, Shard Efficiency and Shard Generation.

Destro is probably the more wild in terms of gameplay, very juicy in dungeon.

Affliction is probably the more basic, but still good.

Destro one is garbo as it stands. Nothing enjoyable about getting a random RoF proc, casting it on a ST fight to summon an infernal for 8 seconds. The RNG destro has had since legion is not enjoyable. Sure if you proc one off of the other 10 times in a row its going to feel fantastic. How many times will that happen? We all remember the VoP days. Was fantastic as long as you got procs.

If anything this is going to be more annoying as you will be canceling cast if you get procs, to spend, for fear of not wasting a proc. Maybe if the “buff” stacked similar to SKB for Fire mage, then itd be different story. I personally think as per usual, destro got the bone.

affliction set puts more emphasis on rapture for a dot management spec and is outright terrible in pvp

all around a let down!

hopefully it’s reworked

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Oh free inferno? This is fun.

I stopped playing Aff after the changes so can’t tell about that one.

Destro 2pc looks annoying. 4pc looks fun though. I assume it has some sort of internal cooldown?

Demo 2pc has potential, especially in M+. 4pc is boring but probably pretty strong since another dog just boosts dcon even further

Demo 4 pc is probably broken tbh, so much power can be leveraged from dreadlash/carn stalkers/grim inquisitor. I kind of expect that 100% chance to go down.

that is [2], [4] is the hand of guldan one. wowhead just mixed the positions on the original post.

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Destro’s is hyper snowbally but early reports say its an instant/free chaos bolt which is pretty insane. if anything it sounds fun to play when paired with ROC and either Madness/Wilfreds as alternatives to cinders.

Affliction is super elegant IMO - you got a dot spec that now has an easier time juggling dots on multiple targets and its spender gets a nice interaction/buff. eyes on malefic wrath to get even stronger with these changes.

Demo - Dreadlash stonks ^^^^. besides that kinda basic, more demon, more decon, a guaranteed DPS gain but nothing fancy, youre just gonna overcap on cores on alot

im pleasantly surprised honestly, its not flashpoint or RH for dstro, but i can see potential in that and aff’s sets and for that im quite happy


Agreed, also pleasantly surprised with the effects.

I am actually glad the Demonology tier effect isn’t very disruptive to the rotation, its already a smooth rotation, better than introduce something that changes to much and ends up weak because it lowers your High Shard Resource Flow.

they also managed to make the tier set interesting for multiple legendaries[well remain to be seen if Malevolent Imp is a Wild Imp but i am inclined on the yes to that]

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After sleeping on it, I do like the Demonology set bonuses (I main Demo). We’ll have to see how it plays out on the PTR but I’m optimistic.

Hmm. I guess it is. Feels backwards to me, depending on the exact mechanics of the imp. We shall see!

I have mixed feelings. Always a fan of guaranteed effects rather than RNG but the Destro one looks promising.

As for the toon I’ve been playing right now, the Brewmaster 4-pc is actually hot garbage.

It’ll be interesting to see what buffs/nerfs go live and then get a good look at things when the tier is closer to release. I still expect a mid-March 9.2 drop, but maybe I’m being pessimistic.

I don’t play Aff so no comment on that one, but…

Destro one is very odd, yet kind of cool. 2 piece is weird and unwieldy as casting a RoF, free or no, just plain feels strange in a single target setting, as does Chaos Bolt in an aoe setting. 4 piece absolutely saves it, though, because now you’re casting a free Infernal for 8 seconds whenever it procs and that’s good for both single target and AoE. Does make me wonder if it’ll synergise with Rain of Chaos build. I doubt it, but wouldn’t that be cool? So, cool, effective set bonuses that changes the way you play. Potentially too RNG? Sure, but 20% chance doesn’t sound too bad, gonna have to test it to see how the proc rate feels. I like it.

Demo, however… I don’t like. The two bonuses have 0 interraction with each other, which just kind of makes it feel like Blizz didn’t know what to do with demo (again) so they just slapped in a couple extra demons. The imp being a 5% chance to proc makes it unreliable, and the bonus soul shard means we now have to be mindful of any malicious imps so that when we build up our soul shards we don’t overcap. It’s otherwise a very passive bonus that doesn’t change how we play at all, just basically a standard X% chance to deal more damage.

The extra dog is cool and could make us cconsider dog build more, maybe even Vile Inquisitors, but it’s still a boring set bonus that doesn’t, in the end, change how we play at all. At most it might makes us swap legendaries and maybe drop the Vile Fiend talent. Otherwise it’s just a boring “ability does more damage” bonus that has no real effect on how you play. It’s better than the Imp, don’t get me wrong, because at least it’s making us consider different gear and a talent, but in all likelihood you could just keep playing as you are now with this set bonus and do great. Oh, though it does cause further soul shard and demonbolt complications. We get a lot of demonbolt procs as it is, getting 3 out of 4 from doggoes is going to make trying to not overcap demonbolt procs quite difficult.

But the biggest issue I have with the Demo set doesn’t even have anything to do with the demo set, tbh. And that is the fact that it reinforces Demonic Consumption as the only talent worth taking in that slot. It was already by far better than the other two options, these set bonuses only further locks us into the standard Demonic Consumption build. The 3rd doggo might convince us to swap out of Vile Fiend, and maybe even use Vile Inquisitors instead of Wilfreds, but… everything else will remain the same as it ever was, and it really would not surprise me if we still use Vile Fiend and Wilfreds as it is anyway…

Destruction bonus: Seriously? All they could think of is a random infernal proc and a % chance of a free cast? Talk about recycled mechanics.

Just reintroduce azerite and get it over with.

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I might consider playing aff as NL with these tier sets. Malefic Wrath with Shard of Annihilation looks kind of fun.

Destro has more RNG to work with. It looks good, but lots of RNG fiesta. The only thing that ISN’T RNG is that when you’re freely casting CB or RoC.

Demo seems insane to me. Each Soul Shard spent from HoG spawns a Malicious Imp that gives a Soul Shard value when it dies as well as increasing DeCon and Implosion value. Two of the most important abilities for Demo.

The 3rd Doggo might not seem much but take account for Grim Inquisitors, Carnivorous Stalkers and Dreadlash on top of adding another stack of Molten Core making it seem more competitive with Wilfred’s.

Ultimately, both of the tier sets increase value of Soul Conduit and From The Shadows (Should the two set bonus deals shadowflame damage) which means increase the value of Wilfred’s and a big plus for Grim Inquisitors. Wilfred will still be the best even after the tier set have been acquired.

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Specifically for PvP.

Monk, Paladin and Warrior get crazy buffs to their abilities, and we get subpar abilities.

Honestly, make MR instant and do x% damage of all remaining DoT damage, so our long set up get us some real burst, or force the healer to dispel and take the UA hit.

I am sorry to burst your bubble but the Demonology set don’t spawn 1 Malicious Imp for each Shard.

The effect:

This mean 1 Shard HOG have 5% chance to summon 1 Malicious Imp; 2 HOG have a 10% chance to summon 1 Malicious Imps, 3 Shard HOG have 15% chance to summon 1 Malicious Imp.

I reread it and reread what I stated. It doesn’t work like SC. But it’s still good nevertheless. More demons won’t hurt and I wonder if it works with Horned Nightmare (Probably not since it costs for FREE and it requires Soul Shard to spend).

You should say that to a Paladin, not me! Because chances are, you probably aren’t. :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: Of course, I’m merely jesting. But I’m serious about Demo Sets being good even if you did burst my bubble of correcting me. x]

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