New talent trees

The new talent trees preview was released, and it has the work in progress druid trees posted.

Major standouts are the mentions of mark of the wild, and natures vigil.

edit* there’s a breakdown of each tree towards the bottom so no need for icon guess work.


I’m interested to see if we can grab both convoke and adaptive. I doubt it but it would be interesting

you get 30 points to work with and theyre on the same(til the split) lane currently so yes.

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Excited for spirit of goldrinn making his long awaited return!


Lets hope that we get calculators soon so we can play around.
This is exciting stuff.


Berserk for bear being so customizable is really neat, choosing if you want a damage, defensive, or mix between talents topped off with incarn for aoe.

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So considering the first two rows are auto learned based on specialization, it looks like you could possibly grab both furor or hotw and nature’s vigil. I’m looking at it from a boomkin standpoint.

That’s why testing is so vital.

think the intention is at least 2 bottom row talents for each tree, as long as you skip some of the passives by going through the split points. going back towards the hybrid niche. In one interview they mentioned wanting the talent tree visible before launching beta so i’m hoping we get a class tree every week or so til its out.

There is no way that all goes live. Blizzard has a habit of teasing guardian druids with good stuff then change their mind. Seems like like to keep us as bottom tanks lately so I will believe it when I see it lol


Nice, so for feral we will keep having this incredibly stupid convoke meta with 50% damage that comes from a ferocious bite and 0 dmg from bleeds, great. Also 5-6 talents that buff shred that deals 5% of our total damage. Did they even open warcraft logs before making these talent trees?

They need to get rid of shadowlands abilities and replace them with what we had before: adaptive swarm should be replaced with mangle (that similarly buffs our bleed damage but also can’t be dispelled in pvp), convoke should be replaced with normal berserk (50% energy cost reduction).

Overall as expected, they just took what we have now, made a tree from it and in result we will just lose abilities in the end (no hibernate it seems in pvp, cyclone is also questionable).


I like that druids are getting a raid buff again. Iffy on having the interrupt as a talent instead of baseline, but if it means resto can get it, I suppose I’m ok with that.


My only disappointment so far as resto is that while convoke gets half its legendary with the increased major spells talent, adaptive swarm isn’t getting one for the split that makes it so useful currently in keys, so it’ll probably go back to being for pvp/single target only.

Druid also seems to be getting 2 free points based on spec since our tree is so large, compared to dks who only get one baseline in the tree for choosing a spec. Makes sense since our tree is so spread out, but im wondering if DH are gonna get any baseline points since their utility will just be split between 2.

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Very happy with what I’ve seen in the new talent trees.

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Why? It is the same abilities we have now, but just spread in a form of a tree. Plus we will lose 30% of what we have now.


looks like i didnt read more. woops

Also bears are losing RF which is such a stupid fun ability to use/mix with incarn :’(

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No we don’t? Instead of learning things automatically as we level, we get to pick what we get, including options/combinations that didn’t exist before. We also have greater potential for hyrbidization


Same thing, different angle, 0 innovation.

Hybridization will never work in this game and it never worked. You either good dps or healer, nothing in between. There was not a single period in this game when hybrids worked, thats why they stopped doing it.


are you looking at icons instead of reading the descriptions, bear isnt getting cenarion ward or fury or i think any of what you mentioned in their talents.

Too reiterate if you scroll down there is a talents and tooltips section that breaks down every talent in the tree based on the row going from left to right.

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We’re working on a couple of corrections to what was posted:

  • Shred should be in the baseline abilities list.
  • Adaptive Swarm in row 10 of the Restoration tree should be a square.

thank you :slight_smile: