New Spellbook impressions

The fact that the New Spellbook is oriented alphabetically downwards, then left to right, feels extremely weird. It’s also inconsistent with other UI elements, e.g. the Dungeons list in the Adventure Guide where items go left to right, then downward.

Another side effect is it seems to currently affect how the UI chooses to page, and feels odd when going form one page to the next. An example is for Ret right now, I can have Retribution spells on page 1, which has one row BoJ → Cleanse → DP from left to right (because it’s the only row on the page), but the second page you start going DS → TS → Imp CS, because on that page there are more items so the actives are going downwards.

Side note here: It feels off that you technically have 2 pages showing at once, but the “page” option at the bottom is more about “screens”. So you’re seeing two pages of a book, but you’re on “page” 1/3. Then you flip to the 3rd and 4th visual page of the book, but you’re technically on “page” 2/3. But if you open another menu at the same time so it truncates to showing one page at a time, then it filps to you being on Page 1/6, 2/6 etc., which actually feels right for what you’re seeing.

It’s also a screen that feels like it has a lot of wasted space, in a similar vein to the first iteration of the Dragonflight Professions UI.

It’s even more jarring since there’s an extra sorting layer, which is actives and passives. As Ret for example, which has a lot of passives, it’s particularly noticeable. You’re looking at Divine Storm, then next to it is Greater Judgment, then Sanctification. If your starting point is Greater Judgment, to find, say, Shield of Vengeance, your eyeball has to travel downward to the bottom, then move left, against a lot of instincts.

It seems like it’d be better to go alphabetically left to right, then downward, to match conventions. And of course, to be consistent with just about any other place in the WoW UI where items/tiles are listed.

Although I’d argue the best option for any UI is allow users to have a range of options. Sort alphabetically, choose horizontal or vertical orientation, separate or combine actives and passives (for true alphabetical sorting), maybe adjust items per row, icon only, stuff like that would be huge improvements.

Some extra nices would be the option to collapse/expand certain sections. Also perhaps a visual indicator for things that are talents, and things that are granted for the class - just like there’s a visual indicator between actives and passives on the icon.

A relevant thing to talk about here might be the screen size people have, and how it’s used. I have access to a 4k screen, which means the spellbook by default looks like this:

Now it makes sense that that a UI needs to make consideration for people with smaller screen sizes, and we’d all want a minimum level of content to show on there. The advantage of having more screen real estate is that you should be able to fit more content. That means that a spellbook that shows nicely on 720p or 1080p should be taking up a tinier amount of space on my screen, and potentially more windows or even background are visible.

The way Blizzard seems to be handling the UI in these instances is completely contrary - essentially scaling up the UI so that no matter what your screen size is, your entire screen is equally blocked off. This means the fonts and icons are massively bigger than they need to be (for me), the gaps between things are ridiculous, and the wasted space is hilariously evident. With a well-designed UI, all those things visible in the screenshot could still be there, and taking up less than half my screen.


You are the first person I’ve seen care about the spellbook.
It could be a command prompt style text on black background and I would not care if functionality is there.


Thank you, I got he same impression with the spellbook. Also it’s too big, It doen’t need to cover all my screen. And it was hard to tell which spells are not in my bars and which are.
Over all I think it’s better than the old one, but still much work to be done.



It’s a modification to the UI marked WIP on a Beta. Seems like this would be the right time to be thinking about making it both “function”, AND look nice. We don’t really need more clunky design that ticks the “Does it work” box - like we got with DF professions or crafting orders. After all, the point of improving a UI is to improve its functionality, or offer more of it.

Professions has a checkbox to toggle it to a more compact UI. Seems like the kind of thing that’d work here too, especially since they already have a more compact version that only shows one page at a time.

Another option that’d be great to have not just for this, but for MANY menus is the ability to simply resize/rescale it using a corner dragger.


I would like to see a toggle that turned off passive abilities. Like, why do I want to see passives in the spell book at all? I can’t do anything with them, and they just take up so much room depending on the class/spec.

If you insist on keeping passives in the spell book, at least give them their own page you’d have to flip to see.

Also, I can 100% guarantee that someone will end up making an addon to revert the spell book change, because it just takes up too much screen real estate. The single page was fine in function (would have been 100x better without passives), it just needed a visual update.

This new version is so large, you’ve removed the function of casting from the spell book entirely. I know it’s not a regular occurrence, but sometimes it’s helpful.

I guess my overall suggestion would be, function over form.

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I think it is way to big. So the size needs to change or be adjustable some how. Its hard to tell which spells are missing from my bars.


There is one, top right corner.


The spellbook is too big and doesn’t scale with the UI scale option. It takes up nearly my entire screen when open.


Gonna +1 this.
On top of being able to resize it, it’d be nice if I could move it off to the side (preferably to the left for me).


My biggest issue with the spellbook is the simple fact that it is huge, ridiculously huge, and opaque. It was (is) my biggest issue with the talent tree on live. I keep hearing people complain about addons in wow and suggesting they should just be banned, but this is exactly why we need them…

If you have moved your UI around then it’s entirely possible that the bars you want to move the spell to could be hidden, meaning you have to shuffle spells from bar to bar around the screen.

Also, is there really any need to have the spells for all specs there? I truly don’t understand why they are being shown.


My main gripe: “Why is it so gigantic?”

I’ve noticing lots of UI scaling issues that I assume people must have discussed in the Alpha, yet somehow persist in the Beta?


So you know how your class works?


An option to make the Grimoire more compact definitely needs to be implemented.


i just think the icons and text is way to small, needs to be much bigger

Yeah, same general impression here.

Too big, had trouble finding my abilities, I’m widescreen so it’s cumbersome to use with even the default UI, not sure how it’s going to react to custom UI.

I hope a more compact toggle is in the works.

Ugly and confusing, I’ve spent at least ten mins telling people where it was already.

Passives in the spell book next to active abilities doesn’t change what buttons you press. The only reason they’re there is so you can track them. That means they could be relegated to their own separate page without cluttering up the active ability pages.

Really, no one that I’m aware of had any issues with the old spell book. It just needed a visual update. (again, without passives)

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I agree with you about the spellbook. It’s an overall improvement, but it’s too big and seems out of place with the rest of the UI. Also, the current sorting method (alphabetically downwards) seems awkward. There are lots of good ideas for improvement here.


I am fine with passives being in the spellbook since they are toggleable. I prefer being able to easily see my passives in my spellbook than have to go to, say, wowhead just to read the specific tooltip. I also love the new UI in general. My biggest gripes are that it’s too big and blocks things. It would be nice to be able to mess with size and/or opacity and move it around my screen.


I completely agree. There has to be a better way to show spells in the spellbook without having it take up almost the entire screen.