New SL Lore Book: "Grimoire of the Shadowlands"

I’m 26, but for me the two aren’t mutually exclusive. I’ve easily put in 14k+ hours (don’t play anymore) into Runescape, yet I don’t care about the story whatsoever. For me, if the game is fun, then I don’t care what the story’s like; it’s a bonus.

However, I don’t play single player games, but the few that I’ve cared to play, I’ve played for the gameplay first, and cared for the story (if at all) secondarily.

Could be used to seed story ideas. For example the Zandalari arc in Chronicle Volume 3 makes a mention of them being assailed by an old enemy, which was revealed to be the blood trolls in BfA.

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Interesting :V

Yeah no having fun in a game without a story that clicks with me is just not possible

The duality of elf!

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congrats for playing a dirt easy mode of the game then

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As if WoW was ever hard. You sound mad though. Maybe take a break?



lets see your mythic achievements then.

The only difficulty in doing mythic raids in WoW is getting your foot through the door. Any guild that’s even casually serious about raiding will fully clear mythic. As someone who knows many people in top top (world) guilds, that’s absolutely the consensus I can safely come to.

PvP is the only thing that is “hard” about the game, because that takes skill (and gear, which is another can of worms). You can’t compare classic to retail, since they are such different games that the comparison dies before it is even said.

LOL don’t have to prove anything to you. Secondly, Classic doesn’t have Mythic which is one of the reasons it’s so enjoyable for me. Keep being salty though. Can’t wait for you to post more about stuff that has nothing to do with the topic of this thread.



I mean your the one who didnt say it was hard, so it is hard, and you just dont want to do it then, I mean I dont do mythic.

This doesn’t make sense.


As if that actually means anything. And having 4-24 other people carrying you doesn’t make the game hard. I know for for some, moving out of the big flashing circle on the ground is considered hard content.

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At least you’re predictable.



Interesting. Maybe this is something they’re doing in order to answer the questions we’ve had about how the Shadowlands function in terms of the afterlives we expected to exist (Light, Ancestors, etc etc) and how specific beings have been gimping the system since the dawn of the series.

Or they could double down on the main four we know of and not give anything new.


and having 39 people carry you, any better lol

I don’t care for “Mythic” anything, as it’s irrelevant to what I enjoy in game, nor do I care how many achiements you have, which for the same reasons, are irrelevent to what I enjoy. Lets back back on topic now.

Just saying for someone who cares so much about classic he sure likes to come here to complain about stuff that doesnt effect him

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And as a paying customer, he’s entitled to his opinion. As much as some of you hate that, and those people know who they are,

No I dont hate that lol, but like him I am entitled to my opinion about his opinion lol

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I’m glad I’m living rent-free in your head.


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