New Short Story - The Vow Eternal

  • Everything is from Wrathion’s perspective.
  • He’s having nightmares about becoming Deathwing 2.0.
  • The wedding between Lor’themar and Thalyssra was lovely.
  • A couple of couples are mentioned or hinted at.
  • Kurog, from the Dracthyr starting zone and first raid, is revealed as a wedding crasher.


Kurog’s a tauren from the Grimtotems!!


I really liked the short story. Seeing all these characters relaxed and actually being people. Both Horde and Alliance together being diplomatic.

Liadrin officiating, Thalyssra being amazing kicking Kurog out.

Mayla and Baine getting all cuddly. A nice new description of Dagran II- I hope we get to see him in-game this expansion.

I would’ve loved to have Wrathion at the wedding longer so we could see who else was there.


Considering a certain reveal at the end of the story regarding Dragons though… I have to wonder if the Nether Dragons are included in that?


As in if Netherwing feel the call too?


Hmm, peace it is. With the knowledge that cross faction guilds are a question of when and not if, it looks like most if not all faction hostilities are over. Well, except for a few holdouts ahem night elves and Genn.

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Even Talanji seems chill with the Alliance, well maybe she still has problems with Jaina but we don’t actually know since Jaina was absent.


This does make me wonder if Jaina was using pirates as an excuse not to come. I doubt she particularly wanted to be in a place filled with lovey dovey couples with her ex just a few seats away.

Also, this does paint Dargan as more of a researcher/explore type as oppose to a warrior.


This felt oddly appropriate yet infuriating?

Start with the good:

  • Gives us a lot of personal insight to Wrathion which is welcome. Its nice to see the inner turmoil and self doubt he has.
  • Addresses some comments we’ve seen here about Wrathion almost destroying the world to supposedly save it, the general unwelcome feeling he gets.
  • A cute little wedding where everyone gets to see their favorite couple get together.
  • Kalec and Wrathion bonding over broken flights is a nice touch.
  • The call is a nice enough way to reason why Sabellian seemingly pops in from relative nowhere. I cant imagine news travels fast to Outland, let alone Blades’ Edge.
  • Shaw and Flynn are officially together.

The odd, annoying, or just kinda bad:

  • The forced exposition and explanation of, at least what I would consider, well known events. Same for many of the characters. At least could have been done better where it wouldnt disrupt the flow.
  • Liadrin binding the marriage in the holy light as almost as if this is some traditional Catholic wedding was just jarring.
  • How does Suramar just let a random tauren in? Particularly a non-antlered one? Its not like he randomly showed up. Clearly Baine knew he was there for some time. Are there no bouncers at a royal wedding? No one checking invites?
  • On that note, are traditional shaman robes not formal? Who is to say they’re not? Surely they’re formal to the tauren. The hell was Baine and Mayla wearing then? Suit and tie to compliment her dress?
  • Overall it just seems forced. As if it should be almost 3 separate stories.

Last thing I have some mixed feelings on, and its just the who’s who of Azeroth for the wedding. On one hand it is a royal wedding between two kingdoms in which it seems the aim was to go for an equally political but loving wedding. I would have expected like a Velen there as a on offhanded Alliance invite due to the whole Sunwell thing for Lor’themar and some small diplomacy but having half of the Alliance at the wedding just seemed off. You invite the spy master, Supreme Commander, and the Windrunner that almost destroyed the Sunwell again to your wedding?

On the other hand, it reminds me of the Carlen quote and set “It’s a big club and you ain’t in it!” It feels appropriate that the leaders of this world, some of whom have tried to kill each other and their people for the past 20 years, can just get together for some nice wine and cake for a cute wedding. Of course you have your exceptions like a single Night Elf not attending, Jaina isnt there which would be a little awkward for Telanji, but all in all you have the leaders of this world happily eating cake and enjoying each other’s company while no doubt there is some poor SI:7 agent in Arathi playing cat and mouse with a Deathstalker as we speak.


Did Golden change Aggra’s name? why is she called Aggralan?

She did not:


This was a disgusting read. No alliance scum should be allowed to walk unharmed on Horde territory until Rastakhan is not yet avanged. Golden’s obvious alliance bias strikes once more and ruins good lore.

Big fan of the story. I loved reading about Wrathion’s POV, his self-doubt and nightmares, and his feeling of exclusion. Also love to see him bonding with Kalecgos. I hope that bonding between the two continues in the future.


Can I just take a moment to point out the sheer audacity that they even sent an invitation to Tyrande and Malfurion to attend Lorethemar and Thalyssra’s wedding?

talk about not reading the room, or the last millenia.


look, this here is atleast a certain view of a part of the dev-team.

with this in mind, is this even a suprise for you?


The real insult is that the alliance was allowed to show up in large numbers. If I was Talanji I would cut all ties to the Horde until they serve me Jaina’s, Umbrics, Anduins, Gelbin’s and Shaw’s heads on golden plates.

Golden seems to crash through lore like a drunk at a cocktail party.

10,000 Years of animosity and hatred cured magically because of :star2: Love :star2:

I liked WoW better when it was nitty gritty. This is too sickeningly sweet.


Personally I think purposefully snubbing the leaders of the people who experienced genocide would be more faux-pas


Inviting the Alliance surely was purely political; they are acting nice in person. Doesn’t mean everything and everyone is perfectly fine with eachother.

I also think there were probably other notable peoples there, Wrathion simply didn’t mention them or take note of them for one reason or another. Can’t just have a huge list of lore character names, haha.


that’s a pretty good angle, but considering the last time Tyrande officially interacted with the Alliance she spat on the peace treaty, I think that would be a risk worthwhile to take. I’m suprised they didn’t get a decapitated orc head back with a one word note. “No.”