New Realms Coming for WoW Classic


Now, we’re talking.


Can you remove the name reservation limit to new realm? I have three names on three realms already.


Thank you :slight_smile:

(Zenfidel) #69

Stop telling people. Advertising Grobb to the masses is like a zombie apocalypse survivor shouting from the roof of his safe house at the zombie horde below that theres free brains inside.

Keep the secret safe before we are overrun.

(Lunavale) #70

Quick poll:

Who would switch to these servers if they were named Four Horsemen and Ashbringer?


Thanks for listening to the community! It is appreciated and we are all aware of the hard work going on behind the scenes to make launch a smooth as possible. Ignore the snarkiness- people are bored and frustrated. It’s really hard to predict how many players will ‘stick’ after the first month or two and we understand you’re trying as hard as possible to balance launch queues with the possibility of dead realms later.


I’d settle for the best of both worlds, Mograine

(Lunavale) #73

Huh, I figured that was already a server name, but it’s not.

What are you even doing Blizzard?


well blizzard said no one wanted it because they didnt want it since they couldnt monetize it.


No… They wanted fewer high pop servers instead of many low pop servers…

(Mynta) #76

We need more name reservations if I am to consider switching from Whitemane to Blaumeux.

I have my two names reserved and then a name I reserved for my friend as a surprise bc I bought him a wow sub, but I don’t wanna lose my names on Whitemane if something comes up. I really like the new server names though. Considering Blaumeux as my new spot if you just give us one more name reservation!!



Mograine is the name they are going to use when they make the Launch Day overflow servers.


It’s good new servers are being opened up but, Blizz, cmon… You can’t just keep doing this to the deadline, a lot of groups of friends and even massive guilds are preformed for settling on servers.


Listening to the community? The servers fill up and they put out more… All the xrying has nothing to do with it.


Your logic has no place here.


Pretty much my feelings on it. I got my name on Herod, so did the guys I’m gonna be grouping with. I think a lot of us are more concerned with the possibility of ending up on a dead realm once attrition hits and people start burning out, then having to deal with big queues for that first week or so. The queues may slow us down on leveling but Herod will have a stable population well into the future most likely and that’s more important to me at least.


Blizzard: “You think you do, but you don’t.”
Community: “You are not prepared!”


Blizz wasn’t ready…i don’t think they every were XD


“Migraine” would probably be more accurate right now. We’re probably giving the devs some right as we speak. :stuck_out_tongue:


Can you please create new PVE/PVP realms on launch day. I want to level on a low populated realm. At level 60 I will gladly pay to transfer to a higher populated realm. Maybe, just maybe I am not the only one wanting to level in such a manner.