New Realms Coming for WoW Classic

(Ôwns) #43

Which is exactly why they limited the amount of servers to begin with.


Staying on Whitemane. That pacific pvp server name is weak i’m sorry.


how about another PvE realm with a nonfaction based name


RPpvp != PvP realm

(Taintedheals) #47

How about an Oran’Thul server Bornakk?


you think you do, but you actually do!


The RPPVP server should have been Blaumeux.

Then it wouldn’t have been meme’d to death.


Blow me u xxx

#1 server name of wow history

(Ghostwoof) #51

Any chance you could let us know what expected queues are looking like on Whitemane? We see Herod is 10,000+, should we expect the same or similar on Whitemane?


We think we do, but we don’t.

(Abigaiil) #53

You think you want more servers, but you don’t…

(Cursedmojo) #54

I already made all 3 of my Characters on Whitemane (day 1), so unless Blizzard allows us to make more characters I ain’t going nowhere! Good news regardless, this is showing Blizzard that we were serious when we said we wanted Classic.

And that guy who said “we thought we did, but we didn’t”…yea he should be fired IMO (yes, I know who it is).




Grobbulus is is a slime monster nty and we can’t ruin your immersion!


It’s really not that difficult. I played in the beta and I play modern WoW pretty often. The level 10 in Classic just takes longer, it isn’t necessarily that much more difficult (depending on class), especially considering a lot of people will be playing with their amigos.

(Abigaiil) #61

Trust me, your name isn’t that cool.


It’s not racist to not want to play with people who don’t speak your language. Each person that doesn’t speak English = a valuable player slot on a limited server wasted when that person could have otherwise been the person who joined your group/raid.

Please don’t be one of those people that yells “RACISM!” every time someone says something you don’t like. It’s not even a matter of race, it’s a matter of there being a language barrier number one, and a matter of differing culture number two.


It does and pvpers should come pvp on it. Don’t be scared of rp wars that you’ll never experience on herod with their basic level pvp.

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Yeah leveling to 10 in vanilla is just as easy as leveling on retail. This whole “retailers will quit before level 10” is ridiculous lol

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A white knight in shining armor! Wonderful! Praise be upon Kazinsal!