New Realms Coming for WoW Classic


most retail players that never played classic wow wont make it to lvl 10…lol.

we will see where its at in a few weeks.

(Sevaana) #23

But he said next Monday. So either the day or the dat3 is wrong.


As evidenced by what other than the name? As far as I can tell, the only negativity seems to be coming from people who either are not or do not want to play there.


I think the Chinese classic servers got a Princess Huhuran server

(Ôwns) #26

In what world do you honestly believe that?


Thanks Bornakk, this is much needed news.

And to think, this is all because the community is getting a little TO HARD for Herod.


This is great, good to see another eastern pvp server.

(Nakadashi) #29

I feel so cheated.


You’re probably right, but it’s just kinda funny how blizzard was like “No one wants this! You dont want this!” and now theyre like “Too many of you want this! We need you to stop wanting this so much!”


Huhuran (哈霍兰) is already being used in China for Classic.


Launch day.


its not 10 im worried about, its the medium to slow levelers once they have to leave the barrens rerolling on pve realms.

you know its going to happen in masses.


I take it no one wanted to play Classic?


Launch day… quadruple that for Phase 2… if the community stays…

Phase two with probably end up being double…

(Ôwns) #36

Launch was never in question… They werent even talking about launch when he said that. Its how many people will keep wanting to play this that is in question.


Oh the new Pacific PvP server is another waifu to compete with Whitemane. Interesting tactic Blizzard.


Doesn’t say next


Right, but at this point even if 50% of the players quit after the first month, it looks like most servers are still going to be extremely full.

(Gobbyjr) #40

it says monday, i don’t see anything about next monday

(Haunter) #42

Im not going anywhere with server names like that