New Realm and Free Character Moves for Latin America

Pacific, East, Central time?



Why no French server for America too! Please Please

I think you need a minimun amount of speakers from the same language for the healthy of a server.

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Feel free to transfer there with your friends. Then you can all play together. And don’t give me some “different language” bs. You live in the United States, and by the way you make it sound, almost nobody speaks English, so it shouldn’t be a problem for you.


Impressive customer service. Stock is up around 20% since classic release. Feels like old times. Well, good service is kind of a new thing, but hey, I like it :sunglasses:

This is a NA Hosted Server? Or it is located in Latam?
I mean, the ping for latams its the same?

(I dont complain, only want to know)


Get em Kavi!

I think you guys should “force” latam players transfering to this new realm OR enabling some kind of “rule” so you can only talk in english on global chat. Im saying this bc I’m part of latam community and I would say 50% of the community wont transfer(according to polls, etc) to this new realm and ofc no one wants to play on a dead realm.
I think you guys should take a look into this matter.

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Aw, but I like the poop-talking Brazilians

Will the server actually be located in Latin America (ping difference)?


Why do people have to cry discrimination all the time? It makes me sick.


we ae the realms hosted??


I will transfer, but i dont tihnk much people will do it

While appreciated, it’s about 3 weeks too late for most people, and for server pops. We begged for this in the week prior to launch. I only hope that it pans out well for the people transferring this far after the fact…

Because the new realm’s base language is Spanish, not English. It’s got nothing to do with proximity or latency.

So, you’re moving to the new Brazilian server?

I wish I could clap for you, but like every other issue, players told you about this prior to launch. Don’t expect overwhelming cheers for a “better late than never” solution.

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Why only PVP =(, i want to do it but im on a pve server :confused:

Wat? Rage? Lul? 10 Char?