New Realm and Free Character Moves for Brazil

A Bizzard fazendo um cercadinho para separar Br´s e Latinos dos Americanos recalmões e ainda vejo otários agradecendo… Eu não caio nessa trap. Fico no Thalnos mesmo.


tarde demais blizz

They are getting what they asked for a special Brazilian server separate from the LAs. It appears they didn’t want one after all.

Blizzard making a playpen to separate Br´s and Latinos from American recalmons and still see suckers thanking… I don’t fall for this trap. I stay at Thalnos.

… there were numerous threads from Brazilians and LA asking for this - now blizzard is doing this to get you ?

no one asked for this, we want a server located in brazil or SA so we can get a lower latency


No one ?

Pretty sure there were a lot of these type of complaints.

Why can’t I migrate from RP server? Isn’t RP also PvP?

All my friends migrated from other servers and I got stuck there alone. :’(

So they’re doing what should of been done from the start?

Huh??? Dude you guys got your own server, Now scram.

dont take my words literally, i meant the most part of the community is still asking for a server located in SA and not a realm in chicago

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You are still paying a reduced price for your monthly sub aren’t you ?

Heartseeker is not a dead server anymore lol

My only issue is that I logged in and was presented a free transfer, I was on an english speaking realm in the united states, It gave no indication that the destination realms were in brazil/etc. Now I’m stuck on a spanish speaking server and can’t talk to anyone. Thanks for giving no warning in the transfer ui to let players know what region/language the destination servers would be!

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blizzard’s pricing policy is not the point here. following your logic, if it were the case, americans couldn’t complain about not having located servers because they pay less than australians

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Americans don’t pay less than Australians. They pay the same in US dollars which isn’t the case for your country.

A company has to make a profit and if you are paying them half of what others pay them it might not even make sense $ to go to the cost to locate servers in your country.

is not only about brazil, is about all the subscribers from SA. if makes no sense for blizzard to put a located server in here so put one on chile or argentina

lol - same issue

My understanding is when they put battlegrounds into classic, all the servers will be grouped together. If that is the case there is another issue you aren’t considering.

Q: Will there be Cross Realm Battlegrounds when those go live?
A: Cross-realm battlegrounds were a feature of 1.12 and are important for matchmaking, so you’ll be seeing cross-realm battlegrounds in WoW Classic when Battlegrounds are introduced in Phase 3 of the content roll-out plan.

This is why you guys need your own realm in my opinion. Communication problems which ruins the best aspect of WoW Classic: Socialization, something I barely experiment on Thalnos outside of guild chat.

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To little to late, BR servers should of been available on launch, now majority of them will not transfer off of the server they are on

Here we go again with the stereotype that all Brazilians are PvPers…
No, thanks.