New Realm and Free Character Moves for Brazil

3:13 and no transfer

Acredito que para a blizzard alocar um servidor dedicado aqui na America do Sul, teríamos que migrar para esse reino que eles estão abrindo e mostrar sim que tem bastante brasileiro que joga WoW.
Não digo isso somente para os brasileiros, mas toda a America Latina.

im brazilian and g.ringo is not an offensive word, its simple a way to call anyone that is not brazilian no matter where that person is from

if you use it with a negative adjective the whole phrase will be negative but because of the adjective and not because the g.ringo

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Vou mandar meu alt para lá, para ver como vai ser.

Same ping sad

160 ms, really sad :c … thanks blizzard

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And PVE? I’ve been playing in PVE realms. there are a lot of people who play PVE.

I think a new realm PVE in braziliam realms, are a good idea.

Of course its not a “trully BR server”. So no reason at all to transfer, why would I? Just so I could play with brazilians? Nah…

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A Bizzard fazendo um cercadinho para separar Br´s e Latinos dos Americanos recalmões e ainda vejo otários agradecendo… Eu não caio nessa trap. Fico no Thalnos mesmo.


tarde demais blizz

They are getting what they asked for a special Brazilian server separate from the LAs. It appears they didn’t want one after all.

Blizzard making a playpen to separate Br´s and Latinos from American recalmons and still see suckers thanking… I don’t fall for this trap. I stay at Thalnos.

… there were numerous threads from Brazilians and LA asking for this - now blizzard is doing this to get you ?

no one asked for this, we want a server located in brazil or SA so we can get a lower latency


No one ?

Pretty sure there were a lot of these type of complaints.

Why can’t I migrate from RP server? Isn’t RP also PvP?

All my friends migrated from other servers and I got stuck there alone. :’(

So they’re doing what should of been done from the start?

Huh??? Dude you guys got your own server, Now scram.

dont take my words literally, i meant the most part of the community is still asking for a server located in SA and not a realm in chicago

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You are still paying a reduced price for your monthly sub aren’t you ?

Heartseeker is not a dead server anymore lol