New Raiding with Leashes achievement

(Grarn) #1

Looks like the PTR has a new Raiding with Leashes, from the MoP raids; Mogu’shan Vaults, Terrace of Endless Spring, and Heart of Fear. Some interesting new pet models they haven’t used yet such as a stone quinlin, a Klaxxi, and a Mogu stone guardian. The Sha of Happiness pet is from the achievement for completing it.

(Quintessence) #2

What’s interesting to me is that the upcoming RWL6 includes only the first 3 raids of MoP. The last two raids, Throne of Thunder and Siege of Orgimmar, are not part of it. This means the existing pets that drop from those two raids (there are 10 of them) will either remain as separate, standalone raid drops. Or perhaps they’ll be part of RWL6.5 or even RWL7?

Whatever Blizzard decides to do with the ToT and SoO raid pets could set precedence for other similar raid pet situations.

(Vertigineux) #3

I’d imagine, as old as they are, that the existing pets are just gonna stay as is. Would be kind of nice to have them for their own RWL only because that means I’d have that done, already, lol.

(Gianavel) #4

I’m kind of glad that it apparently won’t include ToT and SoO. They were great raids, but they’re long and have no shortcuts.

(Wiff) #5

The two have so many unique and awesome models for pets though: mistlurker, skyscreamer, iron juggernaut, Immerseus, primordial saurok, mogu banshee, mushan, stone dragon turtle, and best of all the three Megaera heads.

Most of the upcoming ones just recycle old models: glowfly, ooze, sha-ling, kunchong, cloud serpent hatchling, pandarian elemental, and voodoo mask.

An easy workaround for the raid length is simply to have the RWL pets drop in LFR which would allow you to not only jump to different sections but skip some bosses you would otherwise have to kill to progress. Of course, this would come at the cost of mount drops.

If there doesn’t turn out to be a part 2 to Pandaria RWL, I will be one very sad pandaren.

(Zunde) #6

Oh so they’re taking the lazy way out and all the pandaria raiding with leash pets are just going to be lazy reskins?

I just looked them up there are a few unique models but sadly over half of them are literal “Same skin different name” pets

(Wiff) #7

To be fair, those three raids never offered much in the way of mob diversity so there wasn’t much room to avoid reskins. The only relevant models I can think of that weren’t included in the lineup are the Amber Monstrosity, the medium-sized sha, and the jinyu.

(Loncis) #8

This is cool. When does it start? And are there any horrible mechanics I need to know about, like dancing on Deathwing’s back again?

(Sorelai) #9

8.1.5. You can probably cheese most mechanics at this time.

(Saaka) #10

I would guess that this will be it for Pandaria RWL and for WoD we will get Highmaul and BrF. Which is maybe a bit sad because who doesn’t want a Durumu the Forgotten pet or a Galakras skinned protodrake whelp. Although with HFC only dropping one pet maybe I will get my dream pet: lil’ Archimonde one day. Just a note for any pet designers reading this, he should be a chibi model and not just a shrunk one, thanks.

(Rhosaleen) #11

I kinda want the Iron Reaver, the Soulbound Construct (from socrethar) and Xul’horac… but I would not say no to Lil’ Mannoroth :slight_smile:

(Zunde) #12

Anyone who know’s me know’s that i have been demanding Minniroth for years.

(Maizou) #13

I imagine they’ll skip Throne of Thunder and Siege since there’s already a decent amount of pets from those 2 raids.

There’s only 1 pet from the WoD raids, so they can safely add pets to those though.

That said, unless they make Hellfire Assault soloable, I don’t see that happening anytime soon.

(Zunde) #14

Hellfire assault is soloable it’s just a massive pain the the butt.

(Loncis) #15

I just went through Siege and all I got was the droplet. Oh, well, since I’d never done this one before, it should go much faster next time. Today, the bulk of my time was spent trying to figure out how to find the next boss.

(Wiff) #16

If you got even one pet from a single Siege, then you are incredibly lucky. We’re talking about pets that are rarer drops than the Snobold Runt which Jeremy Feasel considered so rare that it “seemed mean” to add to RWL.

You may as well just go LFR now since you’ve knocked out the only pet that won’t drop on that difficulty. Heck, you can queue for Downfall of Garrosh Hellscream and go straight to Blackfuse for the bombling, then to Paragons for Kovok in no time at all. Just don’t forget your Warforged Seals.

I’d like to say that they wouldn’t be content to simply make the existing pets part of a new RWL nor leave them to be a RWL in itself given their rarity alone. I’ve waited too long for those hydra heads!

(Loncis) #17

I know what LFR means, but unfortunately, you’ve completely lost me on the rest of it. I very seldom raid, and when I do, it’s LFR and only if I’m trying for a pet. My warforged seals?

I’m guessing the Downfall of Garrosh Hellscream and Paragons are raids I can queue for with that Raid NPC, Han or whatever his name is?

(Wiff) #18

Correct, Lorewalker Han. Siegecrafter Blackfuse, Paragons of the Klaxxi, and Garrosh Hellscream are the bosses of Downfall.

Warforged Seals are just the reroll tokens. You get them by turning in Lesser Charms at the Shrine and can use them for a second chance at looting pets.

(Loncis) #19

Thank you very much.

Wow. The lesser charms actually have a purpose? I just knew that a lot of toons were collecting them. I had absolutely no idea what they were used for.

(Kyzera) #20

Lesser Charm of Good Fortune are also traded in for Elder Charm of Good Fortune (which are used to reroll on: Sha, Galleon, Mogu’Shan Vaults raid bosses, Heart of Fear raid bosses, & Terrace of Endless Spring raid bosses).

It takes x20 Lesser Charms to trade for x1 of the Elder Charms. You trade them at Niuzao Temple in Townlong Steppes from Commander Lo Ping.