New player

Hello there,

I played this game for more than 5 years in Europe, but a couple years ago I moved to California.

Now I want to play again and I was wondering if someone is planning to play from the beginning (fresh fresh fresh account). If someone wants to play together just tell me :slight_smile:

I might want to! What server are you going to play on and what faction/class?

what is your liking? pvp pve horde alliance raider or just something to do while enjoying your cabin fever. I am Atiesh pve nice guild we started small but we gets folk in bit by bit. We enjoy helping others. i would love to reroll or play some of my toons on pve servers east or west ihave toons spread out.

are you a girl?

theres this guy in another thread I would like to introduce you to


As an officer in a leveling guild, I would love to invite you to join me and my guild, however if you do not currently have a character on our server, you cannot roll one there now. (There are queue times during some late afternoon and early to mid evening hours).

I absolutely hate that, as I personally hold Faerlina in such high esteem that I feel disgust in trying to play on other servers.



Fair enough. I wasn’t suggesting others follow suit. I was expressing my opinion.

You do not seem to like my opinion.


Oh, I was not trying to suggest that my opinion is “correct.” I was stating it for reference as a point of understanding where I was coming from (my perspective).


You just made it creepy.



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Dude, relax.

They aren’t real downvotes.


download OKcupid or Tinder

dont use WoW as a dating app

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Will be contacting customer support about your continuous harassment

So glad we have the wow forums in these troubling times. :popcorn:

Roll an ally. Help with balance. Heads up too. Full/locked servers have very long queues. May want to avoid that.

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so any nice server? :slight_smile: I hear suggestions

I’ve heard nothing but good things about Grobbulus.

High pop realms, right now you may not be able to start on, that are having issues due to large amounts of people on stay at home orders.

I dont think you can start there right now?

Oh! Looks like you are absolutely correct.

Yea all the queue troubled realms that got layers, i think you are locked from transferring to or rolling a new toon on, unless you already play there.

Allowing that could backfire bad when they go and remove the layers again.
Or i guess super backfire and have a queue on 2 layers

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Yeah. I didn’t realize Grobb was that popular, but I guess with all the good things you hear about it, it makes sense :slight_smile: