New player - which addons can help me?

So i play wow for the first time (yep shame on me) and wanted know which addons can be helpfull for me.

i would like addons like:
find raremobs
show all quests on map
show hidden items locations

and some other helptools taht dont makes the game “easier” like boss helper etc.

can you recommend me some good ones? for normal wow, not classic

Handy notes
WeakAuras (even if your not building a UI for combat they’ve got some pretty neat things they can do outside of that for professions, etc)

Help tools in what context? I assume by boss helper you don’t want DBM/BIGWIGS but the idea of them “making the game easier” is kind of subjective. They just provide you with information. They won’t help you kill a boss with some kind of new information that isn’t already in the dungeon journal.

I think the popular Elvui is the best UI addon and I couldn’t live without it… completely replaces the standard WoW UI. Icy veins pro players all use it. Check you tube/google if you wanna to see how it looks. The default is so much better than the standard WoW UI. If you have Elvui, you won’t need bartender or other supplemental UI addons.

It’s easy to customize with so many options. To name a few, drag anything anywhere, resize, add new action bars with various size and shapes, automatically sell greys to npc’s, change nameplates, unit frames, Fonts, chat windows, colors, increase the size of your mini map, etc.

Google “ELVUI download” and it’s in the first link called Elvui - Tukui. I can’t post the link here. Elvui puts its own button on your WoW main menu.

The consensus is the twitch app is the best way to download and update addons, but I’ve never tried it…will try later. If you want to do it manually without the app simply download the addon, copy the folders, and paste them to your WoW/retail/interface/addons folder. Takes like 20 seconds

I would also get the Details addon from curseforge, which is the most popular dps/hps addon. Weak Auras 2 for buffs, debuffs, dots, resource bars, cool downs, etc. lastly, “World quest lists” is a must have at level 120. It shows lots of extra world quest info and also gives you a clickable list attached to the map. I get all addons from curseforge with the exception of elvui.

For rares, two of them are Rarescanner and Tom Cat Tours, but Tom Cat may only be for 120 can’t remember.

When you play affliction, you’ll definitely need a dot tracking addon for agony, corruption, siphon life, and UA. Weak auras 2 is easy to set up these basic Colored horizontal bars for each dot. This will drastically improve your performance. For Destro, make one for Immolate. Here is an example I posted for a BM hunter use the same procedure. The dots are in the debuff section of WA.

In regards to playing your spec optimally, memorize the rotation in the icy veins bm guide and use their talents. I would highly recommend using the weak auras 2 addon. It’s very easy to set up a few weak auras that will improve your performance.

For BM, I have three colored horizontal bars under my character’s feet for barbed shot (debuff section), multi-shot (buff section), and focus (resource section). I can see them draining down in my peripheral vision, which is needed for timing with other skills as you will see in the icy rotations.

“Google “weak auras 2 curseforge”. Download the addon, and Copy the weak aura 2 folders to your WoW/retail/interface/addon folder.

Relaunch the game. Type /WA in game to bring up the menu.

Click new aura, from template, horizontal bar, debuffs, Barbed shot.
Click bar color to change to preference, I set width to 225, height to 15.
Drag the bar below your characters feet.

Lastly, get the lightweight addon called Nug Combo Bar from curseforge. It puts a small horizontal bar with 5 circles that light up representing soul shards and resources for many other classes. Drag it anywhere I prefer directly under characters feet, and the WA dot bars just below that. Elvui, WA2, and Nug will all make you a significantly better player.

i felt a little uncomfy with this addon bcs the hp bar wasnt above me and the monster anymore. how i can change taht?

elvui does allow you to show that, I believe in the nameplate tab. It also changes the colour of the enemy name depending on aggro

After entering ElVUI settings with the button on your main menu, click the toggle anchors tab at the bottom. Then you will be able to move anything anywhere. Can either drag boxes or click sliders. Here are a few basics to get you started.

Move the player, target, cast bar, action bars all higher up the screen under character. Move the bank and bag higher up on the right. I recommend keeping the player and target frames (Health bars) diagonally left and right below your character, which is the default. Just drag them higher up from the bottom. This is how most people do it, and you will get used to it, but you are obviously free to move them anywhere.

Action bars section - enable bar’s 4 5, and 6. And micro bar
Set your your three main bars 1-3 with skills all stacked 12 buttons wide near the bottom. You can change the button size and number of rows in any action bars.
Map section - mini map tab, make mini map bigger.
Chat section -Select Left only so you only have chat on the left.
Chat panels tab - increase height of chat window.

I use one of the extra action hot key bars with 6 larger buttons 1 row wide, and put it under my feet between the target and player frames. I don’t assign hot keys on this bar, but I put all my important Cd’s here so i can easily timers without looking down.

thanks you rly much :slight_smile: you helped me lots!

little sad i didnt startet with wow earlier.

Anytime! The good news is your have an entire world to explore for the first time, and the first time ls always the best. So your lucky to be new.