New Player Guide: An Audience With Chromie

For the new player, World of Warcraft can pull you in different directions and this can become very frustrating when you’re new. The best way to over come this so that you don’t feel lost by the time your reach level 30, is to seek an Audience with Chromie in your capital city.

However, one is not given this option or wouldn’t even know about it unless they view the bulletin board locate in the major cities main in the Inns. This board allows you to select a time line or quest chain, But I would speak with Chromie first.

I’ve submitted a suggest that at some point soon after your chara reaches level 10, a vision of Chromie would appear to you asking that you come speak with her. “it is time to select your time line” she says.

Thus starts the long journey to the capital city where you find Chromie in a distant corner of the city. Once there, you can then select your time line by viewing the list of expansions. This might sound trivial to you, but you’ll thank me for it, cause once you reach level 30, your chara has out level the area which your quest chain is located and this keeps increasing the farther you get into your quest.

Speaking with Chromie Before you start any major quest or quest chains. Doing this will put you back on the right path and ALL areas with be scaled to your level and not below your level.

So once you reach level 10, seek an audience with Chromie…

Did something change? I thought Chromie Time wasn’t available to new players until after they had leveled one character through BfA to at least level 50 (or is it 60 now with Dragonflight?).

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You’re correct.

if you outlevel an expansion, open your adventure guide, or seek out the notice board in your main city.
it will direct you to level appropriate content.