New Oceanic Realm Open - 7:30pm AEST August 27

We have opened a new realm in the Oceanic region:

Name Type Timezone
Felstriker PvP AEST

The other two PvP options in the Oceanic region are currently experiencing significant login queues, so we’re bringing an additional realm online to handle demand. We recommend that players looking for a smoother experience strongly consider moving to this new realm, which should be drawing upon a population base that is easily sufficient to support an additional healthy Oceanic PvP realm community.

Thank you for your patience!


Thank you for working so late and looking after us down under.


12 hours too late, cheers…


Thanks for splitting my guild across THREE servers now (sarcasm). Give us the opportunity to be together by offering character transfers from high -> low pop servers…


Cheers my dudes, I’m pretty stoked that Oceanic is getting some love. Seems like we were underestimated.


Would have been nice if you just opened up 6 to start with and then merged lot pops later. Better to have too many than not enough. This is disappointing for those who arranged to play as a group/guild.


This HAD to happen before classic release. Adding servers now will do absolutely nothing because everyone has already rolled and invested into Arugal, and players still waiting to join will more often than not be waiting to join friends already on Arugal.

You’re wasting your breath, you needed to be proactive in regards to this, NOT reactive.


gonna need more then 4 servers, so racist against Aussies…

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Lol ‘invested’ in arugal. Its been half a day…
Youd save more time just moving to a queue free server than queuing each time for arugal. You will make up the half day investment.


Aren’t we always? If not underestimated, overlooked.

This is great news, thank you. Can we please have free character transfers immediately, though? This will allow guilds that have had half of their members levelling all day to actually make use of these new realms. Thank you.


agreed, or even word that in like a weeks time they will offer it. that way people can start on a low pop server and then once the dust settles, can arrange themselfs


The problem with this is, what stops the same thing from happening again? Who’s to say the second server you start of gets full to the point of it being unplayable because the queue length is too long? Move to a third and start again? Surely you can see the flaw to this…

Character transfers from high to low pop would solve this, it ALSO helps out the existing realms as more people will be likely to stop playing on the existing full servers.

Also, don’t assume people are not ‘invested’ just after one day of playing. Who are you to tell people whether they are invested in a character or not - each person’s individual circumstances differ from the next person.


Free realm transfers please. Guildies are already level 20 while others are stuck at 11,000th in queue.

Give some incentive for big numbers to migrate and even the servers out.


It’s day 1 all realms will have a queue for 2-4 weeks. Deal with it.
If you’re new to a release experience welcome =]

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Free realm transfers, PLEASE


Free realm transfers, PLEASE!


Yes, all realms have a server queue on release but never to the extent of being in queue for 12 hours. That has never been an issue. “Deal with it” is a pathetic response.

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So what makes sense to me is to start free transfers to even out the population and allow guilds to regroup and keep playing for the next few weeks. Then when the hype dies down and half the players leave, merge the servers back to where we originally started, right?