New Oceanic Realm Open - 7:30pm AEST August 27

Firstly thank you for supporting the community down under. But I do have to say this was a very poor launch experience, and such an oversight is pretty unacceptable. A lot of my friends already started leveling, yet I’ve been in queue for over 10 hrs (DC’d after finally being in, for 5 minutes). I don’t really want to start on a new server, because my friends have already started.


I am in the same boat. It is actually upsetting.

My friends are already leveling and in their 20’s on arugal… I haven’t even been able to login since I got home from work :frowning: been in the queue for 4 hours+ and its saying 100mins to go.
Why would I move when all my friends already are on one realm? Might as well not play, I’m not playing now anyway.


It’s late now, friends list already splitted torn apart.

If only they could announce these new servers before the launch, we would probably to roll on the same lowpop server. But nope, Blizzard only gave us Arugal knowing it was already marked as red high

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I still do not understand why 10k + players are still in queue for Arugal? Unless you have friends already playing on it the other new servers will give you the same experience Arugal would offer… if not better… after reading the Oceania Arugal Discord Channel for a while the serious lack of maturity is pretty disappointing to see.

Please just sort free xfers we don’t want to wait in this queue but have friends currently leveling, basic fix for a basic problem.

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Surely not every single one of those players waiting in queue have friends already heavily invested in Arugal

Me and my group would have choosen anything other than Arugal. But Blizzard didn’t even give that chance, even though Arugal was already red marked High. And several threads from oceanic player base who urged them to create some more

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Is it so hard to believe when Arugal was the only PVP OCE server listed for weeks? Everyone went for it and blizzard only added another server at the last minute

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Please make free transfers available otherwise we screwed.


ikr this is so bs. all i want to do is play with my fukin friends

Maybe not every one of them. But how are you going to get thousands of people to move off without free transfers? Since the realms have been announced there’s been a lot of excitement about having one bigger server, especially once layers are collapsed. OCE has a smaller pop, people are afraid of moving to a low pop server now to avoid queues only for their realm to be heavily underpopulated (comparatively or otherwise) in 3-6 months time.

Even if I didn’t have a whole bunch of friends sharing my situation on Arugal, without free transfers I’d only temporarily play on another realm to not sit in the queue, after levelling for 8-10 hours and then waiting in a queue for hours.


I felt privileged to even be given a chance to play classic wow and I am sure the dev team have their own reasons for not making more servers. Some of the players are so ungrateful… maybe blizzard has made a mistake underestimating the amount of players, but they are trying their best to fix it, surely we as a community can figure out a way around this instead of complaining to Blizzard for not satisfying every single person.


Do you reckon if i ask for a realm transfer theyll do it?

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I’m sorry but you pay for this service as much as anyone else. So thats hogwash.
And in this new world where servers are not actual physical boxes anymore, you can spin up a server with a baked image in minutes on cloud computing services such as AWS - Where Blizzard host their OCE assets. Automation around infrastructure is crazy - sure there is still manual work but don’t go romanticizing this like blizzard are like working around the clock - they aren’t.

So you paid for a food at restaurant, do you feel privileged for them to let you sit inside


who cares it’s only been a few hours

You didn’t play vanilla on the main servers that was the case.

I remember the vanilla q’s and crashes on Tichondrius - all that free game time was nice xD

That is where you are wrong. I have played since Vanilla launch, played Frostmourne and Jubei’thos for most of my wow game time. Don’t assume, you look like a tool.