New Laptop Purchase - Thoughts Please?


So my fiance has randomly brought this upon me that she’s wanting to buy me a new gaming laptop in exchange for my desktop and I of course has accepted the deal. Only issue is she wants to order it tonight… So I’ve been trying to come up with something that will run the games I wanna play really well… My current setup on that desktop is a FX-6300 paired with a RX470.

Only condition is… It’s gotta be from Amazon. I’m looking around the $1000 budget USD. If it’s like $1100-1200 then I’ll manage but that being the max. I’ve found one that I think will run what I want? At least I’m thinking that it will?

Edit: I guess you can’t use links on here anymore?

I can also buy more ram/SSD if needed. I don’t know much about laptop’s compared to desktops. I’m still looking around as I type this… But I’m looking for as much help as I can. Games I play are: WoW, Dead by Daylight, League of Legends then upcoming Avenger’s game if that helps? I’ll also have a 32 inch 1080p monitor with it.


So, maybe you can leverage this in your favor.

Does it have to be a laptop?
CPU: i7 10 or 9000 variance or AMD 4600 /4700
GPU: Gtx 1650 super to rtx 2060 or AMD 5500/5600M


Good laptops are a pain to find right now. I’m sort of in the same boat as you only I want to get mine from Micro Center. Here’s one I found - https:// www

I’ll say the Nitro above is better. Funny how similar they are though.

Damn she must really love you to take on an FX desktop

Yeah… It has to be a laptop or deal at all. Sadly…
That’s not a bad one actually… How does that compare against the Asus Tuf FX505? rtx 2060 model of course.

Assuming you’re talking about this?

The Intel chip is much better than AMD chip in that laptop. AMD’s newer iteration (4000 series) is more comparable to Intel’s (9000 and 10,000).

So the Intel one is better when compared to the one I think you’re looking at.

I would do research on that laptop. Specwise looks great, but I don’t know how it does in daily life usage. I.e. battery life/screen brightness/Temperatures and etc

If you say the Acer laptop is better than I’ll go with that one instead. Is it possible to upgrade more ram and another SSD? If so, what can I buy that I know will fit?

Honest answer is I don’t know. You can add in terms of switching out, dont know if they have room to add extra storage drives.

I would youtube it and find someone who did a tear down of the laptop or go on their spec sheet for that specific model.

It already has 16GB of RAM so you shouldn’t have to upgrade it through the life of the laptop, but just in case it will hold 2x16GB sticks of DDR4 @ 2666MHz. The Nitro laptop I was looking at had 2 M.2 slots (1 used) and an empty 2.5" slot, so lots of room for more storage.

My personal laptop: https://

Best value: https://

Option (same as above but more ram and a larger SSD): https://

Ideally I’d say 4600/4800h with an RTX 2060 but only Asus is making those and the thermals are garbage and overheat like a mofo (I experienced this myself).