New Instance Limit in WoW Classic

Do you mean “ban bot accounts” or “stop botting”?

Banning accounts does not eliminate bots. Gold-sellers have dozens of accounts. When one is banned they switch to another.


If youre lucky

Cutting off the nose to spite the face. This is a stupid decision.


Tbh this effects normal players more. The botters are running multiple accounts.

Us normal peasant boosters and boostees typically only have one account


I’m sure some players will legitimately hit that cap. But keep in mind 30 instances is 6 hours of gameplay minimum due to the already existing 5 instance cap per hour. 6 hours of farming in a day is a lot. I’d imagine very few people play that much a day who aren’t going for rank 14.

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Drop rate is 30%. No Feral Druid on the planet is going through 70 Pummelers a week.


Remember that doing “Reset All Instances” counts as a dungeon lockout. Something that affects everyone is when people reset UBRS to scout out the Jed Runewatcher rare spawn

Something that affects druids is resetting Gnomeregan to farm Manual Crowd Pummelers for feral raiding

Not to mention farming Maraudon and Dire Maul that are farmed legitimately for valuable crafting mats.

This feels like a bandaid over the problem rather than directly dealing with gameplay automation itself


As much as bots are a very real problem, this is too hurtful towards legitimate players. Don’t implement this, and be smarter about banning, or force 2FA on all accounts, password resets, standard account hygiene that most companies have been doing for 10+ years.

I’d GLADLY sign up for some frequent account maintenance, more solidly implemented login procedures, or anything in that vein if it helped legitimately stop botting.

Think harder about this one please.


really dont like this . probably just going to cause more bots accounts to be made and used for those 30 instances per day. unfortunate for the booster community .


Thats not even everything, people will farm dungeons like Shadowfang for BOE’s that are high in demand for twinks. You can easily hit that cap.

Also some players like me I work M-F so I hardly have and play time but come the weekend I might play 14 hours each day. So ya the 30 cap is a real possibility for me on Saturdays and Sundays.


Players are not intended to farm nodes by soloing high level dungeons.


Also what time are the resets. is it from when you first enter the instance or is it based on a server time?


are you dumb? I had streaks where I was 0/20. I like to set a day to farm MCPs for a the next few raids. Now I’m screwed by this artifical time gate. Just because the drop rate is 1/3 doesnt mean youll get 10 a day.


I mean, that is 6 total lockouts. That’s fine.

what does this change exactly? the bots in stratholme do an instance about every 30 minutes, so now they can only bot for 15 hrs a day rather than 24 hrs?


I doubt bots are running the content at that rate. They are running the easy to farm areas. While Tribute runs may not be part of it its probably more the Strath and ZG farmers.

Though thinking about the mats needed for AQ when it comes to Cloth is going to be REALLY annoying to max out after this change. Especially for realms that didnt stockpile before hand. RFC and Stockades were the best places to farm low end cloth.


It encourages them to spin up even MORE bot accounts to circumvent the limitation. More money for blizz, more bots, legitimate players running boosts and doing short farms like mcp get punished.

What could go wrong?


Are you ready for the backlash? Explain your logic… By far the dumbest change in what was supposed to be a NOCHANGES game


This is an awful change. For players to farm effectively you are promoting that we pay for more accounts which makes it even easier for the bot farms to outperform the legit players.


kill the bot, get honor, bot doesnt get honor while dead

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