New Instance Limit in WoW Classic

That’s nice. Still don’t want you in my game.

its not your game. carry on

stop going full Karen plz

I just hit a limit on entering dungeons leveling my friend in Stockades. This is ridiculous it takes 6 minutes to clear stockades and I couldn’t even get him to lvl 30 before I can’t play with him anymore. Man it really sucks when you try to recruit a friend to this game and blizzard makes it so all the work I put into my mage so I could level my friends is worthless. The whole great aspect of Classic is being a powerful character that can Help or Crush friends and foes. Every piece of gear is earned through painstaking effort and determination and now you have limited a legitimate player base removing the ability to help friends obtain endgame content while maintaining a regular life. Blizz you have to lift this ban or raise the limit, many people have posted the flawed logic behind this since botters have access to many stolen accounts. You’ve made it so power leveling and gold farming are even more scarce creating a gold vacuum that these very botters will use to their advantage as the demand for resource will go up. Remove the limit, this is my favorite aspect to this game and was literally the only thing I was looking foward too in classic, helping new players level.


Ahahahahaha…boosting a friends 1st character…ahaha…

Oh wait he’s serious. I need to be able to post the Bender meme.

Oh god how misguided can you be? Sorry bud, even if helping friends level through boosts was your favorite thing in classic (Dont know how you made it the many months people werent doing this yet) You are the very, very small minority, and most of us are JUST FINE with this limit.


This limit should be 30 per day OR 210 per week. not everyone has the time to play 7 days a week but many people have time 2-4 days per week to put in 10-12 hours per day for farming whatever elusive item they are after.

No limit to dungeons, just a limit on gold trading.

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Getting pretty tired of this 30 instance limit… I don’t boost people… I don’t exploit… I don’t AOE farm dungeons… I just farm the rare drops off dungeon bosses…

As of right now I play between 12 and 16 hours a day depending how I feel. I am disabled and cannot really get out of my chair and WoW is sort of my escape from my situation atm.

As of late when I go to farm these rare drops, Blade of Eternal Darkness for example, I only get 6-7 hours of farming in out of the 12-16 I would like to be farming them…

I am a very persistent person and when I set a goal of obtaining something I don’t stop until I get it. How am I supposed to farm 0.2% drops if I can only kill 30 of that boss a day??

Please stop pretending this was changed to limit how much gold bots make at lower levels when botting and the economy is worse than it has ever been…

Please revert this change back to what it already was, through all of vanilla mind you, at a 5 per hour limit with no daily limit…

All you are doing is forcing the people running the bots to have 4 toons, 1 on each of 4 servers, botting in 6 hour shifts… so you don’t even get more subs from them cause they can use the same account and just chose 4 servers to bot on…

This change has been nothing but negative for how I play this game and even if only 1% of players are effected by this 30 instance lockout that doesn’t mean that those players should be force to play less of the game or play the game differently (the ones that are following the rules anyway)


And on top of that after 6-7 hours of farming now for the next 17-18 hours I cannot help my guild with dungeons if they need it.
I can’t even go let someone into ubrs with my key if they need it.
I can’t go open the door to the library for someone in dm north if they need to get in.
I can’t help someone scout a rare spawn in a dungeon.
And so many other things I cannot help my guildmates with…
You are basically making me have to choose between farming the rare drops I want off bosses and being able to actually help my guild out with things…
Why can’t I be able to do both if I choose to?

They should have let well alone. The hourly limit was not broken and didn’t need fixing.


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I enjoy reading the replies here from people who don’t realize this was hot-fixed.

what do you mean?

Right, we should conform around the 1%… figure it out guy. And this dead horse has been beat to death already. Adapt or die. Or just quit. Either way your whining is tiresome.

What do you mean “hot fixed” – are you saying they have reverted to the 5 per hour limit?

They changed it so it is 30 instances per day per realm per character, instead 30 instances over all your characters.

If you farm for 6-7 hours a day the day you also raid, then I don’t know what to say to you.

AH thank you for that. Was that a stealth change? I’m glad they made it because I love to farm for my twinks :smiley:

This is the worst decision made. Please undo your changes and stick to Blizzards promise of an authentic wow classic experience.

Scroll down to July 8 :slight_smile:

Why do people think this is a valid argument?

We’re allowed to play the game a lot.


No one is saying you can’t play the game a lot. You just can’t enter more than 30 dungeon/raid instances per day, per character. So play around that.