New Instance Limit in WoW Classic

I’m still waiting for this change to be reverted.


fighting this change so i can dungeon grind to 70 in BC.

won’t be able to if this stays live

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Imagine this change going into TBC :frowning:

BC already breaks most of the exploits people were doing that hit the 30 runs per day by design.

Still waiting for the revocation of this insane change. i dislike alts. it basically forces me to play alts if i am to play or excessively monitor my instance activities.

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SO tired of this. I play for a few hours in the morning then a few hours after work and I am at my instance limit… I used to be able to do several hours in the morning and several before bed, get a good 45+ instances… I still see the bots, I still get the dozen “buy gold now” mails. I still report these #@#$@#@s. But blizzard doesn’t ban them. Blizzard instead bans the legit players and then says “well we don’t care”
WHY am I even playing this? I have some one else paying for it at least (use tokens on retail) but blizz is still getting there money and NOT taking care of the issues!

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At least we are closing in on 5000 posts

You dont need an exploit to hit 30 instance in a day, SO I am unsure what you mean by it being “fixed” in BC but in BC farming low level vanilla instances is a thing and people will hit that 30 instance cap even easier.


That will happen regardless. Instead, imagine going into TBC without this restriction like it was intended when it was created nearly 15 years ago :crazy_face:

This limit is still ridiculous.


The bottom line is, whatever Blizzard does, it’s all LEGAL

They don’t care. The sooner people realize this the better. Unless what they do will cost them money they simple do not care. Blizzard is only about $$$ anymore. period.


30 in 24 hrs is significantly fewer than 5 per hour.

Another reason to find another game to play

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Do the same on Battlegrounds they are doing exploiting 17 BGs and 17 premades

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Apply to BGs to, it is exploiting to

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While I approve of making this thread even longer, it may be time to find other things to complain about.

If this limit even affects you I don’t want you in my game.

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Good thing it isn’t your game.


Nobody asked you for permission to play the game.


Its not your game… Sorry its blizzards game. We pay 14.99 just like everyone some of us pay more than others.