New Instance Limit in WoW Classic

Maybe in Europe. If you look for a job as an IT professional in the US expecting to do software development, prepare to be disappointed. My friend, the director of our company’s IT department, was extremely frustrated with an intern who did just that. He claimed he wanted to be a developer, was assigned a simple IT-related development task, failed horribly at it, and was not asked to return when his internship ended.

And this can fall under that category of IT because it involves specifically modifying/configuring a program to suit the company’s internal needs.

That can be done by IT departments, but typically, it falls under services/consulting. While computer programming is involved, it does not fall under the category of software development.

I’m not trying to disparage IT, services, and or consulting. I’m just saying that they are philosophically very different from software development. Here are some examples:

  • A developer has to consider different types of databases and operating systems. The IT guy usually determines the database and operating system. The consultant may not always have a say in the hardware, but the at least have very specific parameters to work with.
  • A developer has to consider differing footprints across many environments. For example, the service they’re building may need to be as usable with 10 users as it is with 1000000. IT guys and consultants only need to consider one environment: the company’s.
  • A developer has to anticipate many different ways in which their product can be used. IT guys and consultants have a fixed set of use cases that they need to optimize.

To put it in terms of WoW, it’s like the difference between developing for all of Blizzard’s servers as opposed to running a private server.

It’s insane how many replies this thread has with nothing but silence on Blizzards part.



There are like 12 people arguing for the switch here that are cycling between alts and about 1000 posts of them are, wa wa wa im so upset daily wa wa. It’s insane that people think that a very “small handful” of affected gold sellers, i mean players, opinions are going to create change.

And they have made alterations to help “legitimate” players. They took off raid IDs from the list. They made it 30 per toon. Give. It. A. Rest.


This is my sympathy face: :no_mouth:
No doubt blizzard too has a sympathy face when evidence that boosting is not as boosty as it could be.

Do you imagine that blizzard, upon reading of your struggle to AFK level in SM while a high level character does all the work, do you honestly think they are swayed by your plight?

How about this: reread the EULA you virtually signed when you began playing the game.

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I hope the first thing a blue posts about is a list of all of the sock puppets and their mains who bloated this thread so.

This. In typical Blizzard fashion they punish everyone because of the actions of a few. Instead of actually dealing with the cheaters and botters they just create a blanket change that impacts regular players. This really needs to be reverted.


You think people are using mules on the forum, but that’s actually something that blizzard and probably even simple forum moderators can see really easily.
I know I wouldn’t waste my time with it as it doesn’t really help the issue.

Perhaps you should too. People boosting eachother is not against the EULA unless real money is involved or exploits such as terrain modification / flying are involved. Non player controlled characters would also fall under this but I very much doubt that a bot could be created to do what skilled humans can’t always manage to pull off right.


Seeing and acting on are two vastly different things. Them seeing all of the sock puppets for what they are does not mean a damned thing if they allow it to happen.

Giving an opinion on it does not mean I do not recognize that the letter of the law allows it. On the flip side, one cannot complain about the game changing, when you literally agreed that blizzard could make whatever changes they want.

It’s insane how they even go so far as to hotfix this issue to placate the lunatic fringe, but that’s still regarded as “silence:”


Next step is it gets fully reverted. Stay tuned broseph


Part of the problem is they posted that, without actually giving this thread an update, and it causes confusion.

It’s still not the revert we want, but it’s a step in the right direction.

Does anyone that works for blizzard care about customer concerns?

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There might be a few, but by and large no. Had been ages since a ticket I’ve submitted has been dealt with in a professional, friendly manour.

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I am here to show my concern for this unhealthy change.


I’m shocked this change is still a thing. paying for limiters seems crazy. wasn’t in vanilla shouldn’t exist in classic. Scheduling what days i can farm or help folks run instances really complicates what should be a relaxing game.


I actually hadn’t been aware of this change. Makes trying to play alts much easier with this change and does make it more palatable.

Daily complaint…how has this thread not gotten a blue post yet.

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It’s gotten several “fixes” that have been posted in the thread from the bug fixes lists.

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This thread is explicitly being ignored. It isn’t pinned like every other blue post started thread. They have made some changes, but they refuse to answer the complaints directly.