New Instance Limit in WoW Classic

Well, considering I still see bots that were farming 60 dungeons 24/7 still there, a month after this change happened…

And they aren’t hard to identify. They have ajdyrianav type names no guild, and spend 24/7 online. As I I checked at 2am, online 6 am, online, 12pm online, 3 pm online, 5 pm online, 8pm online, 12am online.

It’s not that hard to identify a bot. And I’ve reported them, it’s taken on average from my experience a month for them to get banned.


and blizzard thanks you. keep reporting and have fun playing :smiley:

22 years of IT experience and I’ve NEVER been in an environment where that is acceptable or didn’t get someone fired.

So each company to their own I guess. The places I’ve been at prevent those things and test our software and changes so they don’t hurt anyone, even moderately or minimally.

And if they do, we fix it within 72 hours. Those are the contracts, those are the expectations. I tend to not do business with companies that don’t believe in those BASIC customer service paradigms.

Video game companies are the only ones that I’ve ever been involved with that are shady on that part. And Blizzard has become one of the worst. Likely in part because they have a captive product and their customers can’t go anywhere else if they want it.


So I can’t play my mage for more than 6 hours, but if I waste 5 days of playtime and regear another mage I can do the same thing? What the absolute hell? Just remove the damn limit so I can play my damn toons. What does it matter one or the other? So what there are botters! Deal with them and stop screwing me over. I just want to play the damn game.


IT is not software development. You have hundreds or thousands of internal customers. Software companies have millions. Clearly you have no experience in the enterprise space. One customer’s bug is another’s preference. You try and accommodate as many customers as possible, but pleasing everyone is absolutely impossible.

IT is a blanket term that can mean hundreds of different jobs, including software developer…

And typically a position of IT for a software company (which is what he described) usually has software development and maintenance in its positions even if that’s not the official job title

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Daily reminder that Blizzard needs to remove the 30 instance limit completely. They are listening to the backlash and slowly making changes. It obviously isn’t stopping bots now if they can just change characters. Just remove it completely already. It’s effecting legitimate players and we shouldn’t be told how much we can play the game. Not in the spirit of vanilla.


Very very few software changes are ever welcomed by 100% of the user base even if they’re overall good.

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There’s a toon that I remember leveling around the same time as I was and I hit 60 in the first month. It was botting an item since it hit 60. It was only banned a couple months ago.

And if he’s worked as long as he claims he has in the broad scope of IT and he’s never seen customers upset over a reasonable change or a decision never made because it was more efficient to annoy a small handful of customers vs what’s better over all he’s either working for a unicorn or not paying attention.

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Or he works for companies as his client and doesn’t hear the noise of people complaining about a color change because his client isn’t individuals but companies as a whole and those minor complains are from the companies workers and they don’t care about the background being blue instead of gray so they don’t let those complaints get to the IT company as they are likely billed for making non needed changes.

Some IT companies work with companies, not on the individuals level. And if the company is upset they fix it, if an individual in the company is upset it likely never reaches the IT company because it’s so minor the customer company doesn’t want to pay the cost the call will cause over unimportant changes, like background color…

I’ve seen how some IT companies work, they bill you per call per hour and then per change in coding. It’s not worth the money to have minor things of individuals “feel” should be changes unless it’s actually a performance, security, exc issue. And most of those issues do get fixed FAST.

It’s very different from software development. Writing a script to automatically provision company accounts entails a very different set of skills from writing an application for millions of users across hundreds or thousands of different companies, each with their own set of requirements. Have you actually worked in the industry?

Also, it is not a blanket term in the way you described. An IT professional is responsible for settling up and maintaining company hardware and software. They don’t develop applications for external customers. At most, they’ll develop home grown tools to help manage a specific environment.

Working in IT can be used as a blanket term for many fields of work, including software development as it is an information technology sub field. Just as being a programmer is technically an IT work. Help desk is IT.

“I Worked in IT for 20 years” can be a very broad statement without actually covering what the person does.

And there are companies that specifically sell software development to companies for more customized software.

Heck, I used to work for a company that used a program called cogent software, which the company I worked for has their own customized version of to allow for some interaction that other users of the same (named) program of other companies did not have. Because the company I worked for needed it to work a bit different than what the base program did.

Software companies can and do sell their product to businesses and can do custom installs with tweaks to the programs design and functions to fit the needs of the client company.

And this is true, what’s also true is that guess what those companies also do make concessions for cost and efficiency over delivering a perfect product. And also end up in situations with conflicting interests from different customers where one customer ends up less than happy with the end solution.

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Putting in my daily complaint to remove this cap for legitimate players. At least give us a way to bypass this arbitrary limit in place for bots. Authenticate accounts maybe? Or if an account has existed for more than 30 days or something? I just want to play the game…


Dislike. Your solution should not hurt subscription-paying players who are playing the game within original bounds. My roommate and I just got stopped because I was getting run through SM GY. That is pretty brutal; am I not allowed to play with my roommate because he is a level 60 and we finish the instance fast? You’re telling me I am obligated to find a group of similar level players to play the game? How about this: I should be able to play the game I paid for, however I want, as long as I am not breaking the original rules of the game. I don’t use bots or anything like that


this change is really awful. I used to grind dire maul hard and some days would even clear 30 instances. average day was 10-20 but what is left over for other accounts and other dungeons? I have 2 accounts that still need SGC and one needs HoJ. just resubbed a few days ago and started a warlock. I fear 30 instances will not be enough for all these accounts especially when I want to grind DME to pay for boosting. why not have accounts link their cell phone to unlock unlimited/higher instance cap? 45/day is more reasonable


They DID. They allow you to run 30 instances on each toon now. WTF is wrong with you and your complaining about somethign that will never get changed. YOU CAN play the game, and you can play it alot. Give it up


Wow you ran gy 30 times! So strange… i dont believe you at all. How about you play a game you pay for under the rules they allow you too or you quit!?

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Well under the new rules you can still run it 20 times, have room for 10 more of anything in a day, and still grind up to 30 on your alt. Can you not read or are you just willingly ignorant?