New Instance Limit in WoW Classic

The fact that they’ve made any changes actually negates your “this is being explicitly ignored” argument. Not posting =/= ignoring.

I get that they haven’t reverted the change like you guys would like, but they have made several changes to make this cap less worrisome for legitimate players. They are not likely to revert the change entirely. That also doesn’t mean you’re being ignored.

They are listening and taking action, just not the action you’d like. They don’t actually have to directly respond “because feelers”.


I didn’t say “this is being explicitly ignored”…I said this thread is. This thread has the most comments/discussion of any thread posted in this forums entire history in a very short amount of time.

They are taking action against bots, and have made it clear that the change was implemented to curb the impact of bots on the economy. But…I’m not a bot, this limit should not apply to me or any other legitimate player and is the whole issue of the topic. It’s a limit for automated gameplay that affects actual players. There needs to be a better solution. At the very least there should be sufficient communication about the status and progress of the situation and actually address player concerns.


I realize. Sorry I deleted a single word that was implied by my direct response to you… :roll_eyes:

Maybe. Maybe not. I don’t actually have an issue with this solution, personally, but I don’t spend my time farming things endlessly or “boosting” either. Neither of those things are particularly healthy for the game and, imho, should be curtailed to some degree, even when “legitimate” players are doing it.

They are communicating pretty directly in this website. Just not where you want to see it. Maybe you should look at more than just one place. :woman_shrugging:

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I would like to know which arrogant, overfed and unconcerned Activision superior implemented this disdainful awful change.


I really don’t understand this mentality. Just because it doesn’t affect you doesn’t mean it should be a limit imposed on players it does affect. Most of the farms that would even hit 30+ instances don’t have any influence on anyone else in the game. SGC, BoED, MPC…farming for a singular rare item. It’s not adding anything into the economy. Nobody would have to farm 30+ instances daily if the drop rate for some of these items were better. I’ve done over 1000 princess runs without seeing a 0.2% drop…If you were going for an item and were arbitrarily limited to how much you can attempt to get said item, you would be mad too. Especially when we’ve gone by the 5/hr rule for 15 years! It wasn’t ever a problem in the past, why is it suddenly an issue now? The answer to that is BOTS…but that’s why this change is awful. It’s aimed at bots but affects players.


And I don’t understand the mentality of “what I do or what I enjoy doesn’t effect you at all”. Everything effects the game, whether directly or indirectly. These types of things effect the economy, even if that’s not the intent. They effect the rate of leveling and completing goals, which leads to “convenience” systems that have largely been the contributing factor to Retails “demise” (rather, decline).

Everything everyone does effects the game and it’s health.

How would instance farming affect you more than the same said players farming out in the world? You would be far more impacted by players out in the world farming herbs/nodes than anything someone farming an instance could do. How does someone getting to 60 faster because they’re tired of doing the same quests over and over have any affect on you outside of seeing it in the LFG channel? Boosting isn’t generating much gold, it’s just circulating it. Players farm on their main and pay mages for a service. To me that’s one of the best things about classic wow. There aren’t all of these defined systems that players need to do to keep up with the game. There isn’t a lot to do in the world, so players have to come up with something to do. That’s why having an arbitrary limit on one of the few things players can do in the game is ridiculous.

You’re never going to understand so there’s no point in trying to explain. Also…I already told you, so… :woman_shrugging:


I mean…give me a compelling argument backed up by something substantial and maybe I would change my mind. But literally all you’ve said boils down to “I want players to play in a specific way because I don’t like the way they play”.


I don’t actually care how you play or what you do with your time. If they revert the change or if they keep it makes little to no difference to me.

I’ve already told you that all of this effects the economy. Yes, I am aware that farming in the open also does, but that is an expected effect. Farming endless dungeons isn’t, and the items gained in dungeons are largely better than items gained in the open (from number of cloth drops to number of greens/blues to be DEd, etc.) and those additions to the “normal open world” farming are pretty big.

“Boosting” leads to requests for faster “solo” leveling/gearing, which led to LFR/LFD/CRZ and other such systems in Retail.

I’m unsure how 16+ years of watching the progression of things like this in Retail hasn’t shown you how over-farming is not a great thing for the overall health of the game. I’m not sure how watching 16+ years of the developing “gogogogogogogogogogogogogo” mentality isn’t enough evidence that it’s not healthy for the game.

Nothing I say or do will sway your thinking, and frankly it doesn’t need to. There are years of evidence in your face…from 2004 all the way up to today…that you seem to be ignoring.

You are the one who started this argument (err…discussion). I simply said, in the beginning, that they have addressed some aspects of this change to make it less impactul on “legitimate” players. Then you go into all this “you can’t tell me how to play” nonsense…

I don’t care how you or anyone else plays. I’m quite certain that I do things that probably aren’t great for the game either. But I am not so obtuse that I think that nothing I do effects anyone else just because they aren’t “in the midst” of it with me. Everything we do effects the game in some way. Sometimes we don’t even realize what that effect is or may be at some later date. That doesn’t actually mean the effect isn’t there.

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I’ll just make a note on this. Classic literally doubled the subscription count for wow. The success of which makes a pretty a pretty convincing argument that players didn’t want those imposed limits and time gated gameplay systems that accumulated in retail. We wanted classic “warts and all”, now were getting “warts and all” except now you can only do that one thing you wanted to do for a quarter of the time you could before. Because why? Oh yeah…because Blizzard added the wow token in china which killed the botting economy there and forced bots to flood into EU/NA markets. So much so that they’ve had to limit the gameplay of said bots, and subsequently players, to manage it.

I think retail has a lot of good things about it and shadowlands looks promising taking some notes from classic (less homogeneous classes/specs…). But there are a lot of things I strongly disagree with which is why I’m playing classic. I can (well could as of a few weeks ago) do whatever I want in the game in classic. In retail I not only am limited to the activity I want to do, but am pushed further and further behind for not doing said activity every day.

If you don’t care how I spend my time, then why argue for a change that impacts my gameplay daily? All I want to do is be able to farm SGC without being forced to take a 12 hour break inbetween…

Edit: sgc just dropped, fk yes. Now back to BoED grind

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Again, they probably took one look, could clearly see the sock puppet brigading, laughed and put it on ignore.

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Umm, you don’t know that.

Which is why you should be happy they are implementing things to keep it from devolving into retail again.

Because the overall health and longevity of the game is more important than a handful of mega farmer’s daily game play.

This makes no sense. This is a change opposite of what classic is about. This change makes the game more like retail with time gated content.

pcgamer has an article on it…

Driving away the most hardcore players seems like a bad way of retaining a playerbase.

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Not subbed anymore but bump for 30instance limit

Instances were gated in vanilla. Maybe if you’d gotten the message then that blizzard didn’t want people spamming resets this wouldn’t be a shock for you now.

Yes…we all know the 5/hr cap that’s been in place for 15 years.

Still waiting for this to be reverted


They have came out and shown us theyre specifically targetting bots, not instance farmers. Your view on it is irrelevant now.


They do not have to specifically target something to welcome the benefit that the collateral creates. Much like multiboxers being tolerated but not supported, they may view boosters and chronic hyper-farming as tolerated but not supported.

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